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Disney’s Paperman director working on Google VR animated film, Age of Sail

Google has been tapping top directors from animation with its Google Spotlight Stories, short animated films in VR. We couldn’t help but praise the heartwarming “Pearl,” a Google VR short

Must-see Disney/Pixar animated shorts

After having a Disney and Pixar marathon, I decided that it was time to shine some light on select Disney and Pixar shorts that really deserve the spotlight. For us

Disney’s Paperman in real life

I would never have known that a Disney’s Paperman cosplay would amaze me like this. Here’s a series of photos capturing the heart of the short animated film that was

Disney’s Paperman short is now online

Damn you Disney for making this wonderful and sweet animated short. Now it’s going to give men everywhere hope that if they throw paper airplanes toward a woman, said woman