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Panasonic announces two new full-frame mirrorless cameras

Amateur filmmakers have loved using the Panasonic GH camera line. A mirrorless camera with a micro four-thirds sensor that was capable of recording cinema 4K. Last year Panasonic released the

CES: Panasonic caters to filmmakers with Lumix GH5s

It was just a year ago when Panasonic released the Lumix GH5, a mirrorless 4k camera that was great for photos and video. But during CES in Las Vegas, Panasonic

J-POP Summit 2015: Tech and toys

This embarks the 7th consecutive year the Japanese Pop Summit has come to the bay area. Fans of the Japanese pop genre gather every year to check out the latest

HDMI 2.0 is announced. Currently unnecessary but pretty sweet

Looks like Panasonic will now be pushing 4k T.V.s harder than Best Buy Magnolia salesmen. We’ve seen the battle begin at CES last year that came down to inches between

Sony and Panasonic to work together on Blu-ray successor

What? You thought physical media was going to die because of the internet and streaming services like Netflix? Despite some people thinking physical media is going the way of the

Justin Timberlake Bringing Sexy Back to Myspace at CES 2012

Justin Timberlake (Co-Owner of Myspace) made a special appearance to introduce Myspace TV at Panasonic’s Press Conference CES 2012. Myspace and Panasonic team up to take television entertainment to the

You Know Where You Are? You in the Jungle Baby and You Gonna Die! Introducing the Panasonic Jungle

It’s been about 17 years since Panasonic launched the 3DO gaming system and now they’re back to try their hand at the console market again. Panasonic calls it the Jungle