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Paleyfest LA 2019 lineup includes Star Trek Discovery, The Walking Dead, and many more

Paleyfest LA 2019 will be showcasing all the best shows from 2018, including the Emmy Award-winning series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Star Trek Discovery, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, The Walking Dead, and a

Paleyfest 2017 returns this March with The Walking Dead, This is Us, and many more!

The annual Paleyfest is coming back this March with a lineup so awesome, it’s for sure to sell out. Fans have the opportunity to check out some of their favorite

Salem’s ‘The Reckoning’ episode explained

After the events of last night’s intense episode ‘The Reckoning’, there were many questions left open for all of our characters. Fortunately, we were able to chat with some of

El Rey is coming to Paleyfest Fall Previews

Fans of El Rey hit series From Dusk Till Dawn and Lucha Underground rejoice! The cast and crew from both series are coming to the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, California

Paleyfest: The Big Bang Theory on the baby, Sheldon & Amy’s sex life, and Leonard’s dad

CBS’s hit show The Big Bang Theory kicked off Day 5 of Paleyfest LA with a screening of March 31st’s episode ‘The Solder Excursion Diversion’, which features Sheldon revealing a dark

Paleyfest 2016 has everything you love in television

Paleyfest time is here! That means all the TV shows you know and love will be gathered around one place  to answer YOUR burning questions. All of this is brought

CW’s The Flash may introduce black Wally West

During this year’s Paleyfest, The CW’s The Flash panel brought in many of its stars and producers to talk about the show. With the first season almost coming to a close, producers

Breakdown of ‘The Flash Paleyfest’ trailer

Breaking down the trailer can provide a lot of answers to unknown questions and potential spoilers… we, at Nerd Reactor, need to know the truth – what’s going on? The

Jessica Lange leaves the American Horror Story series

After four seasons with American Horror Story, Jessica Lange has confirmed that she will be leaving the series. Lange told the audience at the American Horror Story: Freak Show panel at

Paleyfest 2015 presents CW’s The Flash

The Paley Center presented the CW’s new show The Flash to the stage at their annual Paleyfest at the Dolby Theater today. The cast and crew of the freshman show

Paleyfest 2015 presents CW’s Arrow

Arrow fans were given a special treat for those attending the Paleyfest event for Arrow at the Dolby Theater today. Moderated by Aisha Tyler, Colton Haynes (Roy Harper/Arsenal), Emily Bett

Paleyfest 2015: Your access to the shows you love!

The Paley Center has announced their lineup for their annual Paleyfest! The Good Wife, Scandal, and Arrow/The Flash were the first to be announced earlier this month, but now, we

Paleyfest 2015: Arrow/The Flash, The Good Wife, and Scandal

The first three panels for 2015’s Paleyfest has been announced and they’re good ones. Arrow and The Flash will be doing a combo panel, so you will get to see

2014 PaleyFest Fall TV Previews Live Stream for free!

The Paley Center in Los Angeles is offering free live streaming for the panels that will be at this year’s PaleyFest Fall TV preview nights. Each night will have different networks hosting

Check out PaleyFest’s Fall TV Previews in LA and NY

Want to watch the latest pilots before they even air this fall? Well, now you can! The Paley Centers in Beverly Hills and New York City are offering tickets to

PaleyFest: American Horror Story Coven

Was that an earthquake? Nope that was the fans of American Horror Story! The final presentation of this year’s Paley Fest was full of fans unlike any other! And when I

Paley Festival: The Mindy Project Panel

Photos by Kevin Parry for Paley Center for Media It was a night of laughs and sneak peaks at the Paley Festival. The Mindy Project loves their fans, and they

PaleyFest 2014: Veronica Mars Reunion

With the success of the Veronica Mars: The Movie Kickstarter, the movie is now complete and ready for the world to view! The creator (Rob Thomas) and cast of the

Paleyfest 2014 Lineup is in!

It’s that time again! A chance to see your favorite TV show stars in the flesh talking about their shows. And it’s gonna be good. The Paley Center just announced