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Blizzard’s Overwatch trademark suspended

At BlizzCon 2014, Blizzard, the makers of World of Warcraft, announced it would develop its first property in years, a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter by the name of Overwatch. As of January

Overwatch needs to be free-to-play (opinion)

There is no shortage of coverage or hype right now floating around Blizzard’s latest new IP, Overwatch, made official recently at BlizzCon. The game is a cooperative first-person-style battle arena

Hands-on with Blizzard’s Overwatch

So what could rampaging genius space apes, spunky British teleporters, and Japanese archer ninjas possibly have in common? Well, aside from sounding like the cosplay show floor of Anime Expo,

Overwatch’s Tracer statue is now available for online pre-order

Blizzard has never failed to impress me with their proprietary merchandise. Year after year, I leave Blizzcon spending hundreds of dollars on exquisite robes, mugs, and high quality apparel. Character

New Blizzard IP announced: Overwatch – A team-based multiplayer FPS

Possibly the biggest announcement this year from Blizzcon is the first original IP from Blizzard in over a decade. Overwatch is a team-based first person shooter going into Beta as