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Blizzard laying down the banhammer to thousands of Overwatch cheaters

Blizzard gave out one warning last month; if you cheat in Overwatch, you will be banned. There are no second chances. Well, the game has only been out for a

4 things that can improve Overwatch

Overwatch has been out for about a week now, and I think everybody seems to be in unison in believing this game is amazing. Well, at least that’s what I’ve

Conan’s Clueless Gamer features Game of Thrones cast playing Overwatch

One of our favorite TV segments, Clueless Gamer on the Conan show, is back at it again. Tonight’s episode features Game of Thrones’ Lena Headey and Peter Dinklage reviewing the

What could Overwatch have been?

Overwatch is set to take the gaming world by storm, but I can’t help to wonder what great game did Blizzard leave in the dust to bring us Overwatch? Overwatch

Old habits die hard in Soldier 76’s new Overwatch animated short

With only days until Blizzard’s Overwatch releases, they’ve released one more cinematic short. This time, the trailer features the former leader of the Overwatch team, Soldier 76. If you want to

Blizzard details Overwatch launch plans

Blizzard has posted an update on the Overwatch website today, detailing the ‘launch protocols’ for the game’s release on May 23rd. The posting details how to obtain the game and

Blizzard will have no patience for cheaters in Overwatch

Cheaters and Botters beware, your company will not be tolerated in Blizzard’s upcoming class shooter, Overwatch. Not even a warning. Blizzard took to the forums recently to reiterate their policy that

Overwatch is Blizzard’s biggest open beta with 9.7 million players

Blizzard Entertainment has announced today that Overwatch, the first-person, team-based shooter, is the company’s biggest open beta ever with over 9.7 million players from around the world. The open beta

Blizzard releases new Overwatch animated short

We all know Blizzard Entertainment makes some of the best games in the world. But let’s not forget that they are also just as good at giving you all the

Blizzard reveals Overwatch open beta and release dates

Some of you may be jealous of your friend playing in closed beta of Overwatch right now. Well, be jealous no further as Blizzard is taking the game to the next

Overwatch Beta returns February 9

If you haven’t been keeping up with Blizzards more recent news, then I’m happy to say that Overwatch will be back on closed beta on February 9th. We’ve had a

5 reasons to get excited for Overwatch

Last week after several months of beta testing, Blizzard shelved the Overwatch servers for the holidays to prepare for the next phase of beta testing early next year. I was fortunate

Overwatch Beta: Genji Review

As a first Overwatch character review here at Nerd Reactor, let me just say that all of this information and experience is coming from the Closed Beta. The account is provided

Overwatch, will it become an eSport?

If you’ve been keeping up with Blizzard news and this weekend’s Blizzcon 2015, it’s quite apparent that eSports is the main focus of competitive play behind every title this company

Blizzard’s Overwatch coming spring 2016

Blizzard Entertainment has announced during BlizzCon that Overwatch, the highly-anticipated new IP team-based shooter, is coming in spring 2016. It will be available for the PS4, Xbox One and PC,

Blizzard’s Overwatch Beta starts October 27

Overwatch is the highly-anticipated FPS multiplayer game from Blizzard. Now gamers can get a sneak peek on the game via the closed beta, which starts on October 27th in North America.

Overwatch icon appears on Blizzard loader, Lúcio revealed

There was a pleasant surprise this morning, as many will notice a new icon in their Blizzard loader for Overwatch. During Gamescon, we also received a reveal for the new

Blizzard releases new 8-minute Overwatch video: Zenyatta

While there’s still no exact date on the Overwatch beta other than “This Fall” aka “Soon”, Blizzard has just released the first of what we’re told to be a weekly

Activision Blizzard turns to internet sales for future

How much does the Internet influence the way games are made and sold? The answer is a lot. On Wednesday, in the first-quarter fiscal earning reports, Activision Blizzard – the

Blizzard reveals new ‘Overwatch’ character in response to female body complaints

When Blizzard released the trailer and revealed the cast for Overwatch, some people were upset that the female characters were skinny and elegant. Well, Blizzard has listened and revealed two