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Razer buys Ouya

Razer has stepped in to acquire the struggling Android-based console. It seems that it also acquired its software assets as well as its games and store and plans to integrate them

Bringing the OUYA to the M.O.J.O.

Days ago CEO of OUYA, Julie Uhrman, revealed the OUYA Everywhere initiative. The Everywhere initiative’s goal is to put OUYA exclusive games on more TV screens and computer monitors, without

Limited Edition White OUYA

Well it seems that the OUYA has joined the likes of Sony and Microsoft by launching a bit of a refresh on the tiny little console. Now don’t get confused,

Ouya, the Android console, hits big and heads to Target stores nationwide

Ouya is currently available on Amazon and a few Best Buy stores. Soon it will be hanging out with the big boys nationwide. It was revealed that the $99 Android

A month with OUYA

I’ve spent a month with my new OUYA and I wanted to share my thoughts and experience with the tiny Android console. Let’s start with actually finding the console. You

Ouya video game ad disturbs the gaming community

Ouya, the Android-based $100 console, tested out an ad to see what the gaming community would think of it, and let’s just say that the majority was turned off by

E3 2013 OUYA Hands-on

At E3 2013, I was fortunate to find the OUYA camp right outside the LA Convention Center. To my delight, I was able to finally get my hands on the

The OUYA is ever evolving

The Android-based console OUYA is having a rough start with early adopters. As you may remember OUYA’s started shipping to Kickstarter backers last week, and the internet has been hit

OUYA will be available June 4!

The Game Developer Conference has been flooding gamers with tons of great information this week, and it looks like we finally have an “official release date” for OUYA, June 4th! That’s right, OUYA

New OUYA consoles every year!

The first consumer version of the OUYA console is set to launch around the same time as E3 in June. Recently OUYA CEO Julie Uhrman has said that a new

OUYA Dev consoles now shipping

A few months ago I posted about a new Android powered, open source console. The Kickstarter campaign raised over $8.5 million to develop the new console. With the money raised

DELTA SiX: The FPS game changer

We’ve all seen or purchased gun controllers and probably felt they could have been better. For the hardcore FPS gamer, you know you want to be the best. Games have

OUYA, the Android-based console

Anyone looking at Kickstarter these last couple of weeks could have seen this brand new open source gaming console; that’s right open source. This Android-based box has been designed by