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Outsiders 2×13 ‘Unbroken Chain’ recap & review

Outsiders‘ season finale aired tonight with multiple cliffhangers for a potential unknown renewal. With WGN America rebranding their network and canceling their most popular series, Outsiders will need to find

Outsiders 2×12 ‘What Must Be Done’ recap & review

Update: Title was incorrect. Title is What Must Be Done. Recap Here comes the sheriff The National Guard has gotten involved with the town regarding the Farrells. Wade sees them

Outsiders’ Francie Swift talks Haylie’s twist and what this could mean for Shay Mountain

Please note, this article contains spoilers from Outsiders episode 11 ‘The Run’. After last week’s Outsiders episode, many fans thought Haylie would be the one to expose the coal people,

Outsiders 2×11 ‘The Run’ recap & review

Review: What an intense episode of Outsiders for every one of our characters! First things first… Haylie’s death?! When I first saw the episode, I wasn’t sure if it was

Outsiders 2×10 ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’ recap & review

Hayley is being dragged up the mountain by Big. She whacks Big with a giant stick and makes a run for it, but ends up rolling down the mountain. Big

Outsiders 2×09 ‘Loyal to the Bone’ review & recap

What a way to end an episode! Hayley is going to meet the Farrell clan. G’win must have pregnancy brain because taking Hayley is a HORRIBLE idea. Hayley is in

Outsiders 2×08 ‘Healing’ recap & review

With G’win survival at stake, Big Foster is becoming desperate to save her. His evil side began to show again – him slapping Phil’Up and having no plan when confronting

Outsiders 2×07 ‘Home for Supper’ review & recap

I honestly don’t know what I’m most happy about – the fact that Li’l Foster is free, or that G’Winveer made it out alive. Both are great news. But, let’s

Outsiders 3×05 ‘We Are Kinnah’ review

Well, that was a twist. Honestly, I was expecting the Moregon to infiltrate the Farrells even more through G’win, at least making G’win fall in love with her. Instead, they

Outsiders 2×04 ‘How We Hunt’ review

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! What a great episode to celebrate love. Well, only the love between Sally Ann and Hasil as they reunite for this episode. As for the others,

Outsiders 2×03 ‘Banishment’ recap and review

With the return of Big Foster to the clan, there would be all kinds of trouble happening. But this time, it seems he has changed for the better. Maybe, he’s

Outsiders 2×02 ‘Shadowside’ review

Outsiders’ second episode is already giving us some good drama that is about to unfold – Big is alive, the Farrell clan has newcomers that we don’t know if they

Outsiders 2×01 ‘And the Three Shall Save You’ review

Outsiders is back! And boy, the premiere episode holds nothing back in gore and drama. The series started where it ended with the Outsiders confronting the Farrells and boy, the

WGN America’s Outsiders cast face their ‘Worst Case Scenarios’

WGN America’s hit drama Outsiders second season premieres tonight. In honor of the premiere, Nerd Reactor decided to have a little fun with the cast and creatives from the show

WGN’s Outsiders season 2 sneak peek review

It’s hard to believe it’s been ten months since the season finale of the WGN America’s hit series Outsiders. There were so many cliffhangers that needed to be addressed. Fortunately, many

Paley Live 2017: Outsiders shares details on season two

The Paley Center in Beverly Hills welcomed WGN America’s hit series Outsiders this past Tuesday night to talk about their upcoming second season. After the season premiere screening for a

Season two of Outsiders brings new journey for the Farrells

WGN America’s Outsiders returns this month and from the looks of things, we should expect a lot of drama for our favorite clan and small town. During Tuesday’s Paley Live

PaleyLIVE LA celebrates WGN America’s Outsiders second season

The Paley Center for Media has announced their PaleyLive LA premiere event for WGN America’s Outsiders second season with a premiere screening and conversation on Tuesday, January 10th at the

Outsiders season 2 gets a release date and trailer ahead of NYCC

WGN America has just announced that the hit drama series, “Outsiders,” will be returning for a highly anticipated second season on Tuesday, January 24. The network then released an intense

New Outsiders promo focuses on Hasil and Sally Ann’s relationship

WGN America’s hit series Outsiders are beginning to tease fans with little teasers to prepare for the second season, coming this January. Last season, Sally Ann and Hasil went their