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Ottawa Comiccon 2015: Masquerade Gallery

If there’ s a comic con in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? NERD REACTOR. Lame Ghostbusters joke aside, we had a blast taking in the 2015 Ottawa Comiccon masquerade,

Ottawa Comiccon wraps up (2015 edition)

In its fourth year of existence, Ottawa Comiccon threw arguably its biggest event yet. From May 8th to 10th, around 40,000 people poured through the EY centre doors to take

Ottawa Comiccon 2015: Billie Piper, Jessica Nigri and more!

As spring is upon us (unless you live in Canada where snowmageddon is alive and well), we know that convention season is also just around the corner. With a lot

Ottawa Pop Expo 2014 Cosplay Gallery

Braving the rain and cold temperatures, cosplayers from all across the National Capital region and beyond descended on the EY centre (Colloquially known as the ‘Ewok Centre’ or ‘MickEY’ centre

OIGC 2014 – Interview with Square Enix Latin America’s Sabrina Carmona

As one of the largest ‘untapped’ gaming markets in the world, Latin America is at a crossroads. With a huge potential customer base and more buying power than ever before,

OIGC 2014 Interview: Howard Scott Warshaw on E.T for Atari, psychology and the future of gaming!

The man was given five weeks. Five weeks to adapt one of the most iconic movies of all time into a captivating and immersive experience on the Atari 2600. Things

Interview: Uncanny X-Men Days of Future Past lead developer Eric Dalrymple

With today’s highly anticipated release of X-Men: ays of Future Past, the X-Men craze has reached a fever pitch! Along with the highly anticipated movie, Marvel and Ottawa’s very own Glitchsoft

Interview with Paul Granger, owner of Ottawa’s new ‘House of Targ’

If you were to ask someone from Ottawa what they thought of their city, it’s quite possible the word “boring” might come up. The city has some nice parks and