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Drink Tea with Benedict Cumberbatch, attend Avengers Infinity War Premiere

Benedict Cumberbatch wants to drink tea with you because he’s British and raising money for a charity! Cumberbatch is partnering with Omaze to raise funds for GEANCO, which provides to save

Jennifer Lawrence wants to drink wine and talk politics with YOU

A-Lister and all-around cool girl, Jennifer Lawrence, wants to drink wine and spend time with you. Yes, YOU. Lawrence is partnering with Omaze to raise money for Represent.Us. by offering

Idris Elba takes advice from kids for his Omaze date

In a video advertising Idris Elba’s Omaze campaign, Elba asks kids some dating advice for his potential Omaze Valentine’s date. The British kids are adorable and try their best in

Idris Elba offers opportunity to ‘pound his yams’ for charity

Critically-acclaimed actor and sex symbol Idris Elba is offering an opportunity for you and a friend to be his Valentine’s date. Through his partnership with Omaze, they are offering you

Robert Downey Jr. just made an epic announcement

Robert Downey Jr. just used his awesome celebrityhood for something amazing. In his hilarious ‘biggest big announcement of all time’ video, Downey revealed he launched a new charitable foundation called

Henry Cavill asks kids who’s better, Batman or Superman

Check out this funny video where Henry Cavill asks kids who’s better, Batman or Superman. He tries to convince the kids that Superman is clearly the better superhero. The video

Win a chance To Boldly Go onto the set of Star Trek Beyond!

Star Trek Beyond is offering fans a chance for a walk on role and a tour of the set of the new film. Working with Omaze, you and a friend

Arnold Pranks fans in Terminator Genisys make-up for a good cause

    Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the biggest actors of the last 50 years, and is using that star power to make a difference. Known for being the Terminator,