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Favorites, Disappointments and Surprises of Gaming in 2017

2017 saw many great games along with lots of controversy surrounding microtransactions. The Nintendo Switch has become a big hit with exclusive titles that you can take with you anywhere

Is an Okami HD port heading to PS4 and Xbox One?

Keep in mind this is a rumor, but we’re going to get excited about it anyway because the real world disappoints us. According to two independent sources reporting to Kotaku, Capcom

Okami HD coming to Japan for the PlayStation 3

If you haven’t had a chance to play Okami on PlayStation 2 and Nintendo Wii or play Okamiden on the 3DS, Capcom has got some good news for you. And

Okamiden Review: The Tale of the Cute and Godly Pup

A new hero has emerged to fight evil and save “Nippon” (aka Japan) in this historic live-action game starring a very cute and adorable pup, which should catch your attention