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E3 2017: A list of must-have Nyko Switch accessories

There isn’t quite as popular of a company for third-party gaming accessories as Nyko. With the Nintendo Switch currently taking the market, the company has decided to take it upon

Nyko reveals new VR accessories for HTC Vive and PlayStation VR

While Nyko didn’t show off anything brand new for home consoles at CES, we did get to see a line of accessories developed for the new model of PlayStation 4

Review: Nyko Charge Blocks

Wow! It feels like E3 was so long ago, when in reality it has just been a few months. While at this year’s E3, I was fortunate enough to sit down

E3: Hands-on Nyko Charge Blocks

At E3 most of the coverage and major announcements revolve around the video games, as they should. That doesn’t mean, however, that there are not tons of great new peripherals

NYKO Cygnus Controller for Android (review)

As smartphones get more and more powerful, the games we can play on them get better and better. If you had told me 10 years ago that I would be

Nyko Xbox One Type Pad (review)

One of the most frustrating moments when console gaming is when you need to type something on the console. Whether you are playing a game with chat enabled, setting up

Nyko Type Pad for PS4 (review)

A keyboard for your controller seems practical, right? There are so many friend messages, download codes and profile bios to type that using the d-pad or analog stick through an on-screen

Review: Nyko Data Bank for PS4

Let’s face it, a 500 GB hard drive on the current generation of consoles just isn’t enough space. Alot of us early adopters learned that the hard way when some

E3 2015: Nyko reveals its latest accessories for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and more

In 2015, Nyko is giving gamers more of what they need: storage room by way of Data Banks, a Type Pad for Xbox One, a Modular Charge Station for PlayStation

Review: Nyko Modular Power Station (Xbox One)

There are few feelings as special as buying a brand new console. While every next generation of gaming system brings new innovations and solutions, one area that has yet to

CES 2015: Nyko shows off a new PS4 Data Bank upgrade kit

Nyko released a few peripherals for the PlayStation 4 last year, and they are getting an early start for 2015. At CES 2015 they showed off the Data Bank for

Review: Nyko Power Pack for DualShock 4

If you have a PlayStation 4 then you probably love how the new DualShock 4 feels when gaming. The controller feels better with improved dual analog sticks and triggers, and

Videogame BANG! Episode 38: Tim Howard Saves the BANG! w/ Nyko’s Chris Arbogast

Whats up, Soccer Hooligan Pizzas?! VGB is back on track with a packed episode for all the boys and girls out there. You probably guessed it; this week we will

E3 2014: Nyko wants to sneak into your house with modular accessories

Video game accessory juggernaut Nyko was at E3 this week with a brand new line of equipment to enhance your living room and gaming experience at the same time with

Nyko readies for two-screen gaming with the Smart Clip

While the portable 3DS and DS revitalized the twin-screen scene, publishers and hardware manufacturers seem to be more than happy to take advantage of that option for home consoles. The

CES 2011: Nyko’s 2011 Product Line-Up

Nyko kicks off 2011 with more accessories for the PS3, 360, and Wii in their showcase. Starting with their PS3 accessories, they have the Raven Standard controllers and Raven Alternate