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Atlus Rises – Newest update for No Man’s Sky

In what can be labeled as one of the biggest disappointments of 2016, Hello Games has been hard at work since the launch of No Man’s Sky. Labeled as its journey, it released its newest update

GDC 2017 panels announced: Breath of the Wild, Rogue One, and No Man’s Sky

This year’s Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco will showcase a large number of game developers big and small along with the technology used to make their games. A few

No Man’s Sky PC player base drops by 90%

Jeez, talk about buyer’s remorse huh? In the past two weeks, the number of players in the game went from the peak of 212,000 down to 19,000, given how the

Refunds for ‘No Man’s Sky’ offered on Steam, PSN, and Amazon without playtime restrictions

No Man’s Sky was, to many, a disappointment. Thanks to almost three years of irrational hype and the absence of features that were advertised to be there from the start,

Is giving mass refunds to a recently released video game a good thing?

The gaming community has constantly been changing throughout the decades. Especially with social media being involved more so than before. Some people feel that the average gamer has changed for

No Man’s Sky player maxes gear on first planet

Kahbaatangs is the name of the planet that 27-year-old No Man’s Sky player Jorgen Fernandez originally started on and has put more than 30 hours into exploring. “The worst thing

Author John Scalzi can’t stop dying in No Man’s Sky

If you’ve played any No Man’s Sky this past week, you might have noticed that each player death is accompanied by a pithy quote by a famous science fiction author.

5 Songs to Listen to while playing No Man’s Sky

It’s been a while since I have geeked out this hard over a game, in fact I have been so excited for this game that I have been working on

No Man’s Sky servers to be wiped ahead of launch

No Man’s Sky has found itself embedded within the current gaming zeitgeist for some time now, for reasons both positive and negative, and we’re finally getting close to the final stop

No Man’s Sky disc size revealed and first update already in the works

Sean Murray, the founder of Hello Games, had a busy weekend after announcing that No Man’s Sky is finally finished. He answered questions regarding the game, as well as giving out

Videogame BANG! Live Ep. 43: Fable Legends & No Man’s Sky

The Weekend BANG! is back and this time with 100% less technical difficulties. The weekend crew is in full effect. Aaron Carter, Cory Vincent, David Webb, and Rob Schneider… I

Pre-order No Man’s Sky ‘Explorers Edition’ for PC now!

With a concrete launch date for the much-anticipated No Man’s Sky finally locked in, it’s time to get the hype train rolling again. While Hello Games has had its share of