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IMDB brings Kevin Smith and the boat back to San Diego Comic-Con 2018

IMDB’s annual San Diego Comic-Con boat party is back for its third year with host Kevin Smith. They are celebrating this year’s international event with tons of awesome interviews, awards

Amber Heard confirms ‘Royal’ role in upcoming DC Universe

As we draw closer to the film release of the highly-anticipated Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the buzz for DC has never been higher (a little electrical joke out there).

Happy Birthday, Albert Einstein!

As it has come to my attention, today is Einstein’s birthday and I feel it didn’t received as much hype as it should have! A lot of people focused on

Top 5 articles for the month of January

So the month of January had some pretty exciting things going on. First month of the new year, and we already got a bunch of news to enjoy! First off,

Reactor-Tech Episode 1.5: Return from CES

How does spending a week in Vegas, surrounded by fellow nerds, the latest in electronics, and free swag sound? Well, our boys at Nerdreactor.com took a trip yet again this

Fast & Furious – What a disaster plot

Fast & Furious – What a disaster plot –

Panasonic, Samsung, SanDisk, Sony, & Toshiba: The Next Generation Secure Memory Initiative

We can now add Panasonic, Samsung, SanDisk, Sony, and Toshiba to the list of companies that are teaming up to bring consumers the next big thing in electronics. These 5