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Comic-Con HQ Winter Series Showcase has a lot to offer

On top of the world premiere for Con Man season 2 finally coming out on Tuesday, December 6th, an event will be held at the Paley Center in Los Angeles

What exactly does it mean to be a nerd or a geek?

What does it mean to be a nerd or a geek? That’s one of the million dollar questions that I’ve asked myself in this day and age. As an 80s

Get fit like a nerd

If you’re like me, then you probably don’t work out that often. I personally can’t help the fact that I have been gifted with a perfectly honed body (no, I

13 ridiculous uses of the hashtag #nerd on Instagram

There’s a problem with nerds. Not necessarily the people themselves (though that’s up for debate), but with the term nerd. Dictionary.com does not define the word necessarily in the most

Are you a nerd? Take the quiz now!

You’ve seen all those quizzes popping up on your Facebook feed — all of your friends want to know, and want you to know, just who they are, by way

Crackin’ at Kraken Con

At first sight Kraken Con looks rather small, and compared to other nerd conventions, it is. When you delve deeper, you’ll find an inviting, friendly and fun atmosphere for cosplayers,

When Dating A Nerdy Girl Goes Wrong

The world of dating is tough for us nerds. If you’re a guy the chances of finding a suitable female companion who can match (or can at least tolerate) your

New MUST HAVE Book For Any Dr.Horrible Fan

Just recently received at the Nerd Reactor mail room, a new book on Joss Whedon’s Emmy award-winning musical comedy, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog. The book takes you behind the scenes, giving