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League of Legends World Championship coming to LA this weekend

This is a big weekend for nerd culture in Los Angeles. We have Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con, and yours truly will be co-moderating the Nerd Reactor panel on Saturday, October

Nerd Reactor will be streaming against hunger this Saturday

Nerd Reactor is teaming up with Action Against Hunger, an organization that helps bring immediate relief and long-term solutions to hungry children and families around the world. We will be

Shopping in the Assassin’s Creed universe can be deadly (video)

Check out Nerd Reactor’s Assassin’s Creed parody video that shows you why shopping at a market can be deadly. A father wants to buy something special for his good son.

Interested in science? We need you!

If you have yet to notice, we’ve been putting out a lot more science related articles and news. Well that’s because science is awesome, duhhhhh! But on top of it

Just Cause 3 interview with Avalanche Studios’ Christofer Sundberg

Explosions, explosions, and explosions! Previously on May 18, 2015, we interviewed Avalanche Studios CEO Christofer Sundberg. He gave us the details about the upcoming Just Cause 3 game before E3 in June. With

Nerd Reactor’s David Hoang wants to be King of the Nerds!

TBS’s King of the Nerds is currently casting for the second season of the show. The channel is looking for the ULTIMATE nerd – school, comic books, gaming, cosplaying, movies,

How aboot going to ReactorCon, eh? A Canadian in Los Angeles tale

A great sense of accomplishment coursed through my veins this past November. Nerd Reactor hosted our very own convention, ReactorCon, and to call it a success would be be putting

Can’t get into Comic-Con? Party with Nerd Reactor and Gam3rCon instead

Gam3rCon is a gaming convention that’s being held during the same weekend as Comic-Con. If you were the unlucky many who didn’t get San Diego Comic-Con tickets, you can check

Order Nerd Reactor’s Nerdzilla hoodie now

Update: Our store is up at http://nerdreactor.storenvy.com/.

Nerd Reactor Fan & Artist Struts Nerdzilla!

Artist and Nerd Reactor fan, Justin Bogy, was ecstatic to know what we were doing for the Nerd culture. So in turn he went ahead and made this awesome interpretation of our Nerdzilla mascot.

Nerd Reactor at JVAC Mini-Con Gallery: We Popped Our Booth Cherry

The gallery is finally up for our Nerd Reactor at JVAC Mini-Con event. It was our first booth and we had a lot of fun setting it up and enjoying

In the LA/OC Area? Come Support Nerd Reactor at JVAC Mini-Con This Saturday!

We here at Nerd Reactor will be having our own booth at JVAC Mini-Con this Saturday on December 4th, 2010 at Pasadena City College. So come out and support us

Nerd Reactor T-Shirts Coming Soon: Chicks Dig Nerdzilla

Nerd Reactor will be selling Nerd Reactor T-Shirts soon, featuring Nerdzilla, Nerd Reactor’s official mascot. He’s a cute, short mutated lizard with a nuclear heart of gold. Trust me, once