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Nerd Block March 2015 – Looking inside the monthly mystery box

Nerd Block is a monthly subscription box service offering nerdy collectibles for $19.99 a month, plus shipping and handling. This month has Simon Pegg (Star Trek, Shaun of the Dead)

Nerd Block September 2014 Mystery Box Review

My Nerd Block for September has finally arrived, and it includes items from Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and more. But the most interesting item that

Nerd Block hints Gaurdians of the Galaxy for September 2014’s mystery box

Loot Crate had two months of exclusive Guardians of the Galaxy items (Rocket Raccoon comic book and the Groot Pop figure), and now it is Nerd Block‘s turn to celebrate the #1

Nerd Block July 2014 Mystery Box Review

Nerd Block July 2014 Classic Mystery Box arrived on my doorstep yesterday, and it comes with 5 nerdy items inside. So how does Nerd Block fare this month? Read below and find

Nerd Block June 2014 mystery box review

Nerd Block is a monthly subscription service that sends out a nerdy mystery box each month, all for just $20 monthly. So far it’s definitely worth it if you’re a fan

May’s Nerd Block great for Star Wars & Spider-Man fans

After receiving the first Nerd Block back in March, I was instantly hooked on the monthly subscription mystery box dedicated to nerds (check out the review here). There are a

Nerd Block extends its service to the Horror genre!

One of the top dogs in the geek subscription box game, Nerd Block, is sinking their twisted fangs into a new genre with the introduction of a new service appropriately

We check out Nerd Block, the monthly mystery package, for the month of March

You probably have been hearing about these monthly mystery package subscription where you get a mystery box each month filled with nerdy swag. There’s Loot Crate, and then there’s Nerd