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Is Naughty Dog in trouble? It seems so

Wow, people are leaving Naughty Dog left and right. Okay, so that might be an over-exaggeration, but the fact that we have key people from the Uncharted team leaving within

ICYMI: What you should know this week, March 7 2014

The top news from Nerd Reactor this week, in case you missed it. Clever HUVr hoverboard prank is a month early Similar to Jimmy Kimmel’s twerking girl who caught on

Naughty Dog says Uncharted writer Amy Hennig wasn’t forced out

We recently reported that the game director and lead writer for Uncharted, Amy Hennig, recently left Naughty Dog. Websites have also reported that she was forced out of the company

Sony and Naughty Dog working with Sam Raimi on a The Last of Us movie

The Last of Us was an amazing piece of video game art for the PlayStation 3, winning lots of awards and Game of the Year honors. Now it will be

The Last of Us – Left Behind trailer

If you are looking forward to the Last of Us DLC update today, Naughty Dog has released a new trailer to prepare you for what is to come. The 5GB

‘The Last of Us: Left Behind’ has a release date!

Naughty Dog is giving its fans a Valentine’s Day gift – The Last of Us: Left Behind! This single-player DLC will be released on Valentine’s Day (02/14/14)! Yes, it’s true!

Naughty Dog teases new Uncharted for PS4

With the PS4 All Access Event in full swing, Naughty Dog kicked things off with teasing the reveal for a new Uncharted game. There’s obviously no gameplay yet, but what

The Last of Us Review: One of the few masterpieces

While there are almost always a dozen video games that players can get excited about each year, I can only think of a handful that really pushed the boundaries of

New Last of Us trailer will have gamers grow a beard and turn into Joel

Here’s a new live-action trailer for The Last of Us. We see a male in his twenties standing and looking at the camera as Ellie, one of the main protagonists,

The Last of Us season pass includes single-player DLC

The Last of Us is almost upon us. Though we don’t even yet know anything about its multiplayer modes, Naughty Dog has let out the details of their DLC plan

The Last of Us dev diary: Death and Choices

The Last of Us got pushed back a bit to better complete the experience, but we do have a brand new developer diary for all of you would-be survivors out

Jak and Daxter Trilogy coming to Vita

That’s right, Jak and Daxter is coming to the PlayStation Vita, and in June no less! If you remember, Naughty Dog previously released an HD version of the Jak and Daxter

Interview with The Last of Us writer Neil Druckmann

Neil Druckmann is the creative director at Naughty Dog and writer for their upcoming game, The Last of Us. We had the chance to briefly chat with Druckmann about the

The Last of Us: Learn more about the Infected

Naughty Dog is releasing a new development series that goes behind the scenes of their upcoming action-survival game, The Last of Us. The first episode, “Hush”, has been released and

The Last of Us delayed

According to IGN, Best Buy has changed the release date from May 7th to June 18th. All the other retailers have not made the changes yet. After contacting Sony for

Uncharted movie getting new directors

Variety recently reported that the Uncharted movie was getting new directors, Marianne and Cormac Wibberly, the directors of National Treasure. You may remember Neil Burger (Limitless), after David O. Russel

Gamescom: Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us trailer

Naughty Dog has released a new trailer for The Last of Us during Gamescom featuring the song “Alone and Forsaken” by Hank Williams, Sr. Some of it’s footage we’ve already

E3 2012 – The Last of Us, a generation beyond

There are a few times in the history of video games when you see a new game, and it seems like a generation beyond. Games like the Metal Gear Solid

The Last of Us – The Truck Ambush trailer

The Last of Us has a story that takes place in a world where it’s every man, woman, and child for themselves. The scene shown in this latest trailer is

First in-game screenshots for The Last of Us

Game Informer magazine has quite the exclusive this month: the first in-game screenshots for Naughty Dog’s recently announced game, “The Last of Us“. So far, all we have is the