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Natsume giving new life to classic Nintendo games

This year was a nice change of pace for Natsume. It wasn’t a surprise when the company announced a new Harvest Moon game, but it was the other two releases

E3 2015 – Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories

Shortly before E3, Natsume made the announcement that they were developing a brand new Harvest Moon game titled Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories. I was interested in hearing more about the game and

Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories coming to PC and Wii U

Natsume is looking to take back the Harvest Moon series to its root with the upcoming title Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories. The game will have a retro-style feel to it, and

New trailer for Godzilla: The Game

If you happened to stomach through Friday’s broadcast of the Video Game Awards then you more than likely caught the world premiere of the new trailer for the upcoming Godzilla

E3 2014 – Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley

As I arrived at the Natsume booth, I was greeted by the very familiar giant inflatable cow that has been a part of the booth for years in honor of

Natsume will publish Alphadia Genesis for the Nintendo Wii U

Natsume will be publishing Kemco’s Alphadia Genesis on the Nintendo Wii U. Originally released as a mobile game for iOS and Android devices, the game will be making a jump to the

Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley coming from Natsume games later this year

Natsume has announced that they will be releasing Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley later this year on the Nintendo 3DS. The game has been in development since early 2013, so it