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Space Launch System approved, we’re going to Mars

Hey, want to go to Mars? Well, in a few years you can…kind of. The Space Launch System is the most powerful rocket we’ve built yet. The spacecraft needed approval

‘Remixed’ NASA ad gives hope for the future

This mock NASA JPL advertisement was posted to boingboing.net a little over a year ago. It was created by Boing Boing reader William Jaspers after he saw a posting of

Mars Rover drew a wiener on Mars

And they say robots don’t have a sense of humor. Take a real good look at that. Let it be burned into your retinas for a while. Apparently some time

So this is what Optimus Prime does on his free time

Optimus Prime voice actor Peter Cullin has been hired by NASA to narrate this commercial that promotes space travel. If Optimus Prime wants me to travel into the far reaches

Earth Is Looking Sexy

You have to hand it to the guys at NASA for giving us this awesome look at Earth, featuring South Africa and the Milky Way. This video was taken by

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