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Latest Dark Souls Trailer Includes Controller-Throwing Gameplay

Dark Souls, the spiritual successor to Demon’s Souls, looks like it is more than upholding the tradition of controller-throwing gameplay. There seems to be a focus on the traps players

Ridge Racer Goes Xtr3mE

Ridge Racer – it’s the series that keeps on truckin’…or racing, or…whatever it does. Anyway, Namco has released a teaser trailer to rev up excitement for the new title called,

New Dark Souls Screen Shots Reveal Bosses?

Hello all you Dark Souls out there. Take a gander at the slick new screen shots. See any potential controller-breaking bosses? Most of the things you encountered in Demon’s Souls

Ace Combat’s New Trailer Gets Up Close and Personal

NamcoBandai unveiled a new trailer for newest title in the Ace Combat franchise: Ace Combat: Assault Horizon. This one features a new mechanic called Close Range Assault. It appears that

Namco Bandai Teases Tales of Grace F, Now with Vesperia PS3?!

In the past week, Namco Bandai’s Facebook Page has been posting a cryptic scrambled image almost every day on a strange URL www.ataleoftworichards.com. (Richard is a character in Tales of