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Blossom Detective Holmes: The Animated Mini-Series (Kickstarter)

Animation director Steve Ahn, who worked on the recent Voltron animation and operated as the storyboard artist for Guardians of the Galaxy (also Legend of Korra, Ben 10, The Cleveland Show,

FilmCow’s The Raccoon Who Lost His Shape browser game

FilmCow, the artist famously known for Charlie the Unicorn and Llamas with Hats, has worked with Fathom & Scuffy to bring you something… well, it’s not exactly spectacular, but it’s entertaining,

Umineko: When They Cry Volume 1 & 2 review – a mystery even to me

Oh holiday seasons, so many games to play and family things to do, sometimes it’s easy to miss the simple things like staying home and watching animes, including those with

Capcom announces Phoenix Wright 5 is coming to the West

Gyakuten Saiban 4 aka Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney was released back in 2008, and since then the ace attorney has been relatively quiet…until now. Well, if you don’t count Phoenix (Naruhodo-kun) being in