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Mortal Kombat Legacy II Blu-ray review

It all started when Kevin Tancharoen had a vision of a gritty and gruesome Mortal Kombat film. The first two films from New Line Cinema were PG-13 and didn’t really represent

‘Mortal Kombat Legacy’ director drops from movie

On October 25, 2013, a tweet from Mortal Kombat Legacy director Kevin Tancharoen announced his departure from Warner Bro’s intended Mortal Kombat movie. After 3 years of Kombat,I've decided to move on to

Mortal Kombat: Legacy II Premiere Q&A and gallery

After a raucous applause as a result of the spine-tingling (pun not intended) Fatality the audience had just witnessed from watching one of the episodes, the Q&A sessions came up, with

Mortal Kombat: Legacy II is now online – Finish them all!

The moment you all have been waiting for is here. Mortal Kombat: Legacy II has been unleashed from Outworld and into Earthrealm, courtesy of Machinima. Instead of waiting another week

Interview with Mortal Kombat: Legacy II’s Kitana, Samantha Jo

The cast from Mortal Kombat: Legacy II features some familiar actors and martial artists. Returning as the lovely and deadly Kitana is Samantha Jo. She’s a young martial artist who

Interview with Mortal Kombat: Legacy II director Kevin Tancharoen

When Kevin Tancharoen first released the Mortal Kombat: Rebirth fan-made trailer to the public, it went viral instantly and left Mortal Kombat fans aching for more. This led to the

Casper Van Dien: An interview with Mortal Kombat: Legacy II’s Johnny Cage

Casper Van Dien is known for playing Johnny Rico in Starship Troopers. With Mortal Kombat: Legacy II premiering this week on September 26th, we’ll get to see him play as the

Interview with Mortal Kombat: Legacy II’s Mark Dacascos, aka Kung Lao

If you’re a fan of martial arts and action, Mark Dacascos should definitely be on your radar for kick-ass actors. He was Eric Draven in the Crow TV series, played

Interview with Mortal Kombat: Legacy II’s Ian Anthony Dale

With Mortal Kombat: Legacy II about to premiere, we were able to talk to Ian Anthony Dale, who plays the iconic spear-throwing warrior, Scorpion, in the series. As a huge

Mortal Kombat Legacy II webseries gets a full trailer, premieres Sept 26

Just when I thought Mortal Kombat Legacy II has just dropped off the face of the planet, director Kevin Tancharoen decides to release the full trailer. It’s definitely looking more