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Now you can watch Modern Warfare Gear Solid like a feature length movie

If you’ve been watching the Modern Warfare Gear Solid fan-made series in parts, then you’re truly missing out. See your favorite heroes, Solid Snake and Ghost, as they’re meant to

Princess Peach Gets a Poster for Mario Warfare Fan Film

Princess Peach just got a brand-spanking new poster for the upcoming Mario Warfare fan film series by Beat Down Boogie, you know, the guys that did Modern War Gear Solid.

Halloween Tips from Modern War Gear Solid’s Dr. Naomi Hunter

Halloween is almost here and is coming up pretty fast. Dr. Naomi Hunter, from the Modern War Gear Solid series, has prepared a little guide, letting us know about geeky

Have Snake and Ghost in Your Home Theater: Pre-order ‘Modern War Gear Solid’ on DVD

If you love the Metal Gear and Modern Warfare series, you owe it to yourself to check out Beat Down Boogie’s parody, Modern War Gear Solid, where Solid Snake and

Modern War Gear Solid Outtakes and Bloopers

The guys at Beatdown Boogie, Matt Sumner (Snake) and Micah Moore (director), have released the bloopers and outtakes for the Modern War Gear Solid web series, a parody of Snake

Modern War Gear Solid Part 5 Is Here

Here’s the final episode for the first chapter for the adventures of Snake, Ghost and Master Chief as they try to take down Modern Gear in this action parody. In

Modern War Gear Solid Part 4: Snake vs. Master Chief

Here’s part 4 of Modern War Gear Solid, an action/parody of Metal Gear and Modern Warfare. Snake and Ghost are at it again with the continuing saga to stop Activistsun

Interview with the Manly Men Behind Modern War Gear Solid Parody

In one of the greatest team-ups in internet history, video game icons Solid Snake and Ghost were brought together in an epic trilogy known as Modern War Gear Solid. The

Solid Snake and Ghost Go Viral

Can’t wait for Part 3 of the MWGS saga? Well the Beat Down Boogie has your fix for all the Ghost and Snake hi-jinks. Ghost and Snake thought that while