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Foursite: A Doom level 12 years in the making

As a lifelong Doom fan, I still never cease to be impressed by the modding scene that is still going strong despite being old enough to drink now. Well color

Fallout 4 and Skyrim Special Edition mod support on PS4 cancelled by Sony

In an unfortunate series of events, the long-awaited mod support for Fallout 4‘s PS4 version has been cancelled. The upcoming Skyrim Special Edition will also be affected by this decision. According to a

Star Wars imperial walkers invade GTA IV

It’s no secret that some fans are not happy that there is still no PC version of GTA V, but judging from the looks of the mod community for GTA IV,

Iron Man vs. GTA 4!

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to cause a rampage in Grand Theft Auto 4: Liberty City as Iron Man, then wonder no longer. The PC version

Duke Nukem 3D mod turns Forever into a good game

Remember how Duke Nukem Forever ended up being a massive disappointment after being in development hell for over a decade? Modders Gambini and Mikko Sandt do all too well. The

DayZ mod lead posts on devblog from Mount Everest

If you’re wondering why it’s taken so long to get the standalone version of Arma II’s DayZ mod out the door and into consumer hands, you need only check out

Starcraft 2 mod brings back Warcraft 3 nostalgia

  The original Warcraft games have been pretty influential in their own right. Warcraft III alone set the standard for how RTS games are done, and it even spawned a

Go Back to the Future with this sick GTA IV mod

While some fans are getting a little antsy waiting for GTA V, luckily there are a couple of cool mods to keep PC gamers at bay. The last mod I

Dark Souls PC resolution issue fixed by user mod

For those that have gotten the long-awaited PC release of Dark Souls that just came out this week, you may have noticed that the game is very much a direct

TF2 Bomberman mod brings plenty of explosions

TF2’s online community has flourished for years, and for good reason. They have a lot of dedicated modders that come up with some creative and incredibly fun game mods. Take