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Sony not planning a PS Vita successor or hybrid console

No one can blame Sony for not wanting to challenge the hybrid Nintendo Switch. When the hyped PSP came out in 2005, everyone expected the portable hardware to topple the

Super Mario Run to receive a new update this month

Super Mario Run is not one of Nintendo’s better games. But, it is an important one. Most people assumed Nintendo would never get into the phone gaming arena. Why risk

Nintendo deserves credit for not forcing microtransactions in phone apps (opinion)

Nintendo has gained justified criticism over the years for a couple of unconsumer-friendly practices. But when it comes to smartphone apps, the company earns back some credit for avoiding the

WWE teaming up with Scopley to release a puzzle game… yes, a puzzle game

There are two things I never thought would mix. Puzzle games and World Wrestling Entertainment. I don’t mean Big E. Langston facing off against Seth Rollins in a game of

Satechi’s Wireless Gamepad out now for your mobile gaming needs

Today, Satechi launched their newest gamepad for mobile gaming. The controller is wireless via Bluetooth and works with iOS, Android and Windows devices. Satechi claims this is the ideal accessory

E3 2014: Enjoy Sega classic characters on your mobile devices

During E3 we had a chance to talk with Haruki Satomi, CEO of the Sega Network. Sega, known for their huge library of video games, has brought back some familiar names to the mobile