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EverQuest 15th Anniversary

On March 16, 2014, Sony Online Entertainment celebrates the 15th anniversary of EverQuest. To those familiar with the vast history of MMO gaming, EverQuest changed the landscape of online gaming forever.

Wildstar to release June 3rd, pre-orders begin March 19th, NDA lifted

And here it is! The announcement we’ve all been waiting for. Wildstar is to be released on June 3rd (not during finals like Guild Wars 2) and can be pre-ordered

The Elder Scrolls Online: Collector’s Edition bonuses revealed

I am not happy. “Why aren’t you happy, Adam?” you may ask. Well, because collector’s edition bonuses are getting absolutely ridiculous. I can accept a vanity pet or two. Heck,

Final Fantasy XIV on PlayStation 4

On April 14, 2014, Final Fantasy XIV: Realm Reborn lands on the PlayStation 4. After being overhauled due to poor responses from many fans and players alike concerning the original

RIFT – Server Merge (MMO)

Aside from the announcement of the Server merges from Trion Worlds, here’s the basic idea of what’s coming on October 23rd for North America and October 24th for Europe. What

The Mummy Online (MMO) Closure

Bigpoint, publisher of various browser games including Drakensang Online and Battlestar Galactica, has announced the official closure of The Mummy Online (the link is now inoperable). The game itself was in Beta

RIFT – Patch 2.4: Beyond Infinity (MMO)

For those who are engaged in the MMO genre, particularly those who play RIFT, a new chapter has unfolded. Although RIFT may not appealed to all players, it does capture

DEFIANCE – State of the Game (MMO)

Released in early April, 2013, DEFIANCE proclaimed to have the unique setup of showcasing an Massive Multiplayer Online game that provided themed content alongside its weekly episodes on the SyFy

Wildstar Devspeak: Aiming

TL;DR – Wildstar’s aiming system is exactly like that in Smite. There, Iv’e said it. While Carbine Studios claims that they’ve put together a new system called free form targeting,

An interview with Brian Michael Bendis on Marvel Heroes, the free-to-play MMO

I had the honor of joining a roundtable interview with the legendary Brian Michael Bendis to discuss the worldwide release of the highly anticipated MMO, Marvel Heroes. It is going to be

Warcry’s Re-launch & Giveaway Contest

When this site announced that it relaunched, I thought it was a prank, considering the announcement was on April 1st. Well, now it’s the 2nd, and I’m a day behind.

Eve Online ‘Odyssey’ expansion coming June 4

CCP Games has announced at PAX that the nineteenth expansion for EVE Online will be released on June 4th. Named “Odyssey”, the expansion will bring a refreshed user interface, an overhauled

Inside Planetside 2 with creative designer Matt Higby

You’ve been waiting for it, preparing, anticipating, and now loving Planetside 2, the MMOFPS from Sony Online Entertainment. Planetside 2 for the unaware is a science fiction themed massive scale

Phantasy Star Online 2 to be Free to Play

  Sega was able to share some more details earlier today regarding their upcoming sequel to their hit MMO title, Phantasy Star Online 2. The real kicker came when they

Is Blizzard Really Getting This Desperate?

A recent announcement by Blizzard has the World of Warcraft community in an uproar pertaining to a certain bonus of the new Scroll of Resurrection. Originally the Scroll of Resurrection

Cyborg MMO 7 Preview

Many of us know and love Cyborg for their great R.A.T series gaming mouse ( The one that looks like a stealth bomber). While unable to get my hands on

MPsy’s Star Wars: The Old Republic Review (From Levels 1-10)

Alright boys and girls, it’s time to talk about something that’s very near and dear to me. Is it my family? My friends? That cute girl over I saw over

I Officially Announce December 20th Star Wars Day

It’s the day you’ve all been waiting for. The hotly anticipated MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic, will be out on store shelves December 20th in North America. Europeans are

The Old Republic: Collector’s Edition Unboxing Video, Plus Full List

During the weekend of BlizzCon 2011, BioWare decided to give its fans a look into exactly what their $140 + Tax will be getting them for their Collector’s Editions of

Steelseries: Shift To Epic Levels

Steelseries has always been one of the best known names in PC gaming accessories, having exclusives with many huge games such as World of Warcraft, Medal of Honor, etc.. Steelseries