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Keiji Inafune returns to Anime Expo for the third year in a row

Koji Igarashi won’t be the only video game developer attending Anime Expo 2016, as it was announced that Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune will be returning this year as a

Mighty No. 9 reviews are in, and they aren’t good

In the perfect world, tomorrow’s release of Mighty No.9 should’ve be filled with excitement from fans who have been waiting for a new Mega Man-like experience, after Comcept’s Kickstarter raised more

Comcept’s Mighty No. 9 finally goes gold and will release in June

Comcept’s Mighty No. 9 has been delayed so many times that I lost count (okay, so I think it’s around three times). Now it looks like we finally have a concrete

Surprise! Mighty No. 9 delayed for third time, Inafune apologizes

It’s been a tumultuous ride for Mighty No. 9’s development, but it seems Beck will again miss his debut in February. The Kickstarter darling that took video game crowdfunding by

Mighty No. 9 coming in February, trial demo out now

Fans and backers of Mighty No. 9 haven’t been too pleased with Comcept, especially the way the game and trial demo delays were handled. While the game has been delayed twice now

Comcept delays Mighty No. 9 trial version

Looks like Comcept is having more issues with Mighty No. 9, and this time they have delayed the trial version they had promised their backers after the game was delayed until

Comcept confirms Mighty No. 9 delay due to online issues, fans aren’t happy

On Friday it was reported that Mighty No. 9’s release date was being delayed until sometime in 2016, which left people wondering what’s going on over at Comcept. Well finally after a few

Mighty No. 9 delayed until 2016?

On Friday, GameInformer announced that Comcept’s Mighty No. 9 was delayed until sometime in 2016 after retailers including GameStop, Amazon and Best Buy posted a new place holder date of December 31,

E3 2015: Hands-on with Mighty No. 9

Back in September 2013, Keiji Inafune and his newly formed company, Comcept, launched the Kickstarter for Mighty No. 9, the spiritual successor of Mega Man. 30 days later it raised over

Keiji Inafune will be returning to Anime Expo 2015

In a surprise announcement, Anime Expo announced that Keiji Inafune would once again be returning to AX 2015 this year along with Studio 4°C president Eiko Tanka, who will have a

Comcept and Deep Silver announce The Mighty No. 9: Signature Edition

Back in April, Comcept announced that Mighty No. 9 was releasing on September 15th after partnering with Deep Silver USA. This new collaboration gave Comcept a better chance to polish

Azure Striker Gunvolt will include free 8-bit title The Mighty Gunvolt

Azure Striker Gunvolt has gotten a little more interesting. Inti Creates announced that everyone who buys the game during the first three months when it launces on the Nintendo eShop will be getting the 8-bit

Comcept releases a sneak peek of Mighty No.9’s stages

Comcept, Keiji Inafune’s game development company, uploaded a short clip of a work-in-progress stage for Mighty No. 9. The clip showcases a much more refined Beck model (with some cool skills!)

Mighty No. 9 developer video – Working at Capcom

With the Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter going way above the initial funding goal, the team at Comcept have been working hard developing not only Mighty No. 9 but also Azure Striker

Mighty No. 9 coming to the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U

The Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter has been blasting through not only the original goal but also plenty of the stretch goals, the stretch goal that just passed will get Mighty