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Bill Gates on the Passing of Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs

Many are still reeling from the shock from the announcement today that former Apple CEO Steve Jobs has passed away. It was only less than 2 months ago, that the

Microsoft Axes the Zune – R.I.P. You Will be Missed

It’s been 5 years since it debuted in 2006, but Microsoft has finally taken the Zune out back and put it down with a shotgun. This comes after sagging sales

Gears of War 3 sells 3 million copies first week, drinks all around

Epic and Microsoft are in a good mood after it Major Nelson had announced that worldwide Gears of War 3 has shipped more than 3 million copies in its first

Gears of War 3 Launch Party at the Century City Microsoft Store

Last week on September 18, 2011, was the highly anticipated release for Gears of War 3, and stores across the United States were holding release parties for the game. GameStop

Google Is Broken – Adchemy & Microsoft Revolutionize Everything!

Adchemy is going to take over Google Ad Sense.

The ‘Orcs Must Die!’ on October 5th (Xbox 360), 12th (PC)

Orcs Must Die! was quite a neat surprise for me at E3 2011. This third-person shooter, from Robot Entertainment, has players using their skill and wits to prevent an onslaught

Gears of War 3 ‘Season Pass’ is $30, but Should You Buy It?

Microsoft has announced today that a “Season Pass” will be available for 2400 Microsoft Points (that’s $30, folks). What do you get for that pass? Well, you get the first four DLC

Microsoft Does What It Wants – No Price Cut for Xbox 360

Sony has recently decreased the cost of the PlayStation 3 by $50, with the basic 160GB model being $249. You think Microsoft cares? It doesn’t give a damn, because the

Xbox 360 – Limited Edition Star Wars Bundle

Microsoft, along with LucasArts, announced that in celebration for their release of the “Kinect Star Wars” game, that a limited edition bundle of galaxy proportions will be available to buy.

Microsoft Registers Domain Names with Sony – Future Smicrony?

Another interesting domain registration has emerged. Two days ago Microsoft registered the domain names of Microsoft-Sony.com and Sony-Microsoft.com.

Nerd Reactor Podcast – E3 Day Zero “Press Conference Gauntlet”

Intoxicated and exhausted, the Nerd Reactor crew talks about the Mircosoft, Ubisoft and Sony Press Conferences. Who had the best conference? Who was wasting every bodies time? Which was better,

HALO 4 Announcement Trailer!

I had a helluva start to the week. The Nerdreactor team was up bright and early for the Microsoft E3 Media Briefing this morning. I was expecting the loads of

Rare’s Kameo Sequel Images Before It Got the Shaft

Over on Sergey Rahmanov’s blog, he posted up work-in-progress images of Kameo 2, which supposedly was canned by Microsoft in order for Rare to create more Kinect games. The images

Microsoft’s Kinect Is the Fastest Selling Consumer Electronic Device Ever!

Microsoft’s Kinect is the “Fastest Selling Consumer Electronics Device” according to Guinness World Records. It’s pretty crazy to see a peripheral for a console sell like crazy. It’s even crazier

GeoHot Has a New Project

George “GeoHot” Hotz, the famous hacker who first jailbroken the iPhone, or more importantly the person who is being sued by Sony because he released homebrew tool and root key

New Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Trailer Leaves You Wanting More

Hope you guys had a great Christmas! For those of you who don’t celebrate, Happy Holidays! While the nerds have taken a little time off to be with loved ones

Update: Sales for Kinect and PlayStation Move Are Pretty Close

Update: It seems that the US press release said that the Move sold over 4.1 million, Joystiq confirmed that Sony has actually shipped over 4.1 units to retailers. Sony and

Want to Hack the Kinect? Microsoft Says it’s Okay.

The device formerly known as “Project Natal”, has already hit the 2.5 million sales mark. With that many sold, someone was bound to be curious enough to try and hack

Xbox Live – Price To Increase Starting November 1st, 2010

Perhaps because they’re currently in last place, Sony’s PSN for PS3 is free, but Microsoft’s Live service for 360? It’s not free, and is increasing starting November 1st.