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Interview with composer Jesper Kyd on Metal Hurlant Chronicles, Assassin’s Creed and Borderlands

Photo by Fitz Carlile The Metal Hurlant Chronicles Season 2 Original Soundtrack will be out on September 30th, and we had the chance to interview composer Jesper Kyd on his latest

Composer Jesper Kyd’s Metal Hurlant Chronicles OST available February 25

Metal Hurlant Chronicles is a sci-fi anthology series that’s based on the Metal Hurlant magazine (known here in the States as Heavy Metal). It’s currently airing in France, but we

Interview with Metal Hurlant Chronicles director Guillaume Lubrano

The science-fantasy Heavy Metal comic magazine has spanned across multiple mediums including film and video games. It has yet to have its own TV series. That’s where Metal Hurlant Chronicles