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New 3×3 Eyes project preview clip released

To follow up with Megumi Hayashibara’s announcement of her new single for 3×3 Eyes, King Records has released a preview video clip featuring her single’s title track (Samhara ~Sei Naru

Megumi Hayashibara releases new CD for 3×3 Eyes as 25th anniversary

To celebrate her 25th anniversary as a singer, Megumi  Hayashibara will be releasing a new maxi-single CD for 3×3 Eyes, “Samhāra ~Sei Naru Chikara~” (Samhāra ~Holy Power~), this October 21st.

Megumi Hayashibara releases 3-disc album Time Capsule

One of the most prolific and famous voice actresses, Megumi Hayashibara, will release a three-disc greatest hit album titled Time Capsule this June 17th as a tribute to her long