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MegaMan X4 and MegaMan X5 to arrive on the PlayStation Network next month

Capcom will be adding MegaMan X4 and MegaMan X5 to the list of PlayStation One classics next month. MegaMan X4 will arrive on September 2nd and will include anime cutscenes,

Capcom 30th Anniversary – Character Encyclopedia (review)

Capcom was first established in 1983. Being both a Japanese developer and publisher, it owns the multi-millionaire franchises such as Devil May Cry, Monster Hunter, Street Fighter and Mega Man, just

Megaman celebrates his 25th anniversary by taking on Street Fighter 8-bit style

Megaman has had a really rough 2012. Two Megaman games were canceled and his creator, Keiji Inafune, had left Capcom to start a new game studio that has allowed him