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Diablo III tops the charts and outshines Max Payne 3

The NPD results are in for video game sales, and Diablo III tops the charts for the month of May in 2012. It’s no surprise since Diablo III has been

Max Payne 3 comes out on top despite Diablo III hype

Everyone I know is talking about Diablo III. Hardly anyone ever mentions Max Payne 3, so it was a shock to find out that Max Payne 3 did better in

Blood, bullets and bullet-time: Max Payne 3 Review

Written by guest writer Jia Wei Max is finally back for the third iteration of the series, Max Payne 3. This time the developer reins have been handed over to Rockstar

Max Payne 3 DLC plan revealed

When you’ve got a title that’s as promising as Max Payne 3, you gotta have a DLC plan that matches it, and Rockstar is set to accomplish just that. The

Is this a tease for God of War 4?

Tonight PlayStation’s Facebook page changed its cover. The cover does not show a picture but a quote. The quote is, “WILL VENGEANCE BRING REDEMPTION? 04.19.12”. And with the change comes

Former developer says Max Payne 3 is ‘f***ing brilliant’

For those afraid that Max Payne 3 won’t be as good as the previous 2 because the original developing studio, Remedy Entertainment, isn’t working on the game, maybe this will

Max Payne 3’s multiplayer has bullet-time and other ‘Burst’ powers

If you thought Max Payne 3 would be tacking multiplayer on just to attract the crowds who like it, you’re possibly wrong. I can’t say that without a doubt that

Max Payne 3 screenshots show off New York City

Even though Max Payne 3 will be set in São Paulo, Brazil, we’ll still get to visit the streets of New York City, as seen in the screenshots below. These

Max Payne 3 to provide a more realistic and tense experience – trailer

Shenmue and the God of War series made quick-time events a well-known gameplay element. However, soon after, gamers were already getting a bit bored of them, and yet they still

New official Max Payne 3 trailer gets down and dirty

The newest trailer for Max Payne 3 is out and I must say it is quite gritty. The trailer actually gives us a closer look into the story and what

Max Payne 3 Has a Release Date

Rockstar Games has officially announced the release dates for Max Payne 3. North America will get the game for Xbox 360 and PS3 on May 15, 2012, and the international

Max Payne 3 Special Edition Pre-order Now Available, Plus GameStop Has an Exclusive

I hope you guys like statues, because Rockstar Games has just announced the Special Edition for Max Payne 3, the upcoming third-person shooter, for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Max Payne 3 Design and Technology Video with Bullet Time, Enemy Deaths and Enemy AI

Rockstar has released a new video for Max Payne 3, a third-person shooter, showcasing the design and technology of the game. The targeting mechanics, animation and enemy AI have been

4 New ‘Max Payne 3’ Screenshots

Rockstar Games has released four new screenshots from Max Payne 3. One image features Max Payne pointing and shooting a gun at us with smoke coming out and the muzzle

Max Payne 3 Re-releases Trailer with Pop -Up

The Max Payne 3 debut trailer has been re-released today with pop-up information, just like the kind you see on those VH1 music videos. Now get more details on the

‘Max Payne 3’ First Trailer Is Here

Here it is folks, the first trailer for the anticipated Max Payne 3 game. Back is the iconic Max Payne theme from the first game (brings tears to my eyes).

Max Payne 3 Digital Poster, Plus New Trailer Coming Soon

Rockstar Games has announced that the first trailer for Max Payne 3 will be out next week on Wednesday September 14th at noon Eastern time. So come back and check

Max Payne 3 Set for March 2012

Oh yeah, Max Payne is back, and he’s looking older than ever. I’m going to miss his constipated face in the first game. Rockstar Games has announced that Max Payne

Max Payne 3 Gets Two New Screenshots

Rockstar Games has released two beautiful-looking screenshots for Max Payne 3, which shows off the wonderful lighting and Max Payne’s pressed up against a wall, ready to show the poor

Max Payne 3 Screenshots and Details Revealed

It’s been a while Max Payne. The last time I saw you was like what, 8 years ago? Well, the time has come for you to make a return, and

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