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NYCC 2016: First Power Rangers trailer looks amazing!

The new Power Rangers Official Teaser Trailer has been released courtesy of New York City Comic Con and it looks amazing! It has a feel of the Breakfast Club meets Chronicle,

Max Landis’ new action movie, American Ultra, gets posters

The first posters of the upcoming American Ultra may not give the best representation of what the film is about, but it shows you the kind of people the main characters

Chronicle writer explains why ‘Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling’ in star-studded short

Screenwriter and filmmaker Max Landis has a pretty big year ahead of him. This year alone, Max has five films that he’s written coming out including American Ultra, Victor Frankenstein, Mr.

Max Landis pitches his version of Ghostbusters 3

Chronicle screenwriter Max Landis has been pretty vocal about his concerns for the new Ghostbusters film on his Twitter. Recently, fans have asked the writer to give his take on

So Fox liked Max Landis’ Chronicle 2 script after all

Remember when Max Landis’ father talked about how Fox wasn’t digging Max’s draft of Chronicle 2? His father said that the draft was heading to a direction that the studio

Max Landis, Chronicle writer, rants on the Death and Return of Superman

What a perfect time to release this retelling of the Death and Return of Superman with the release of Chronicle. Max Landis, who wrote Chronicle, does a drunk retelling of