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Matt Smith and Dominic Monaghan join Star Wars Episode 9

Within four days of each other, two casting additions were announced – Matt Smith and Dominic Monaghan  – in undisclosed roles in Star Wars Episode 9. Monaghan, who worked with

Review – Doctor Who season 8 premiere

The episodes that introduce each new incarnation of Doctor Who always fill me with a great deal of internal anguish. On the one hand, I’m always excited to see what

Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor new comic book series

In association with Titan Comics, BBC Worldwide has released a new comic book series featuring the 11th Doctor. With a new companion and new adventures, Titan comics features the stories

Terminator 5 lands a Time Lord in their cast

Skydance Productions just posted on their Facebook that Doctor Who’s Matt Smith has been cast in a unspecified role in Terminator 5. Paramount has released a statement about Smith’s role in

Doctor Who: The Time of the Doctor extended trailer

BBC America has released an extended trailer for the Christmas Special The Time of the Doctor. They also released the trailer to their Farewell to Matt Smith special. It’s actually

Doctor Who’s Christmas special begins filming Sunday!

Today marks the day where Matt Smith, the 11th Doctor, reads his farewell Doctor Who episode written by head writer Steven Moffat. They will begin filming on Sunday for the

Doctor Who: Matt Smith thanks his fans!

BBC One has issued a video of Matt Smith, the 11th Doctor, expressing his thanks to his fans and his cast/crew. The Doctor Who actor announced his departure from the

Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor? Part 2

With the news of Smith’s departure from Doctor Who, many gambling agencies have been placing bets on who the new Doctor will be. Several names emerged out of no where

Matt Smith – The Doctor is OUT

BBC has just reported that Matt Smith will be leaving as The Doctor after the Doctor Who Christmas Special episode, which means we will see a regeneration in this episode.

Doctor Who: Matt Smith will return for a 8th season!

Showrunner Steven Moffat has commented, “This is a thing that just seems to have slipped by… so can I say it very firmly – series eight is absolutely, definitely confirmed…

Doctor Who 50th: FINALLY! Tennant and Smith together on the set!

This is NO April Fools prank or anything of that sort. Matt Smith (11th Doctor) and David Tennant (10th Doctor) TOGETHER in a scene!!! This is REAL and has been

UPDATED: Doctor Who 50th: The TWO Doctors together!

UPDATE: Sources have stated these are cosplayers.Great cosplaying. These guys should totally be their stand ins. David Tennant has not shot any scenes yet for the 50th anniversary special. Damn.

Doctor Who 50th: The Doctor at Trafalgar Square

A new video has released for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special which features Strax giving a field report on The Doctor. We then see Matt Smith‘s (The Doctor) body

Doctor Who: expect a ‘spellbinding’ 50th anniversary episode”

Filming for the 50th Anniversary episode begins in April for Doctor Who. Matt Smith, the 11th and current Doctor, has read the script and said it was “spellbinding” and the

The Doctor on Comic Relief 2013

The Doctor (Matt Smith) made a special appearance on Comic Relief 2013’s TV Special – “Red Nose Day“. Comic Relief is a UK based charity fund raising money for the

Don’t worry, the Doctor will remain IN

Matt Smith, the current Time Lord on Doctor Who, has been cast in a US film, but that does not mean he will be leaving the TARDIS. A spokesperson for

Ryan Gosling’s new movie about monsters? Just call The Doctor!

A film about monsters? Fantasy underworld? Who you gonna call? The Doctor, of course! Ryan Gosling has written and is directing, according to the website, a “fantasy noir, horror and

Matt Smith with the Olympic Torch

As the sun rises across Cardiff Bay we see Matt Smith (Doctor Who) the eleventh Doctor with the olympic torch. No, this is not a new episode of Doctor Who or

Doctor Who London Olympics Minisode

The Olympics are coming to London and it looks like the Doctor (Matt Smith) has set the TARDIS on adventure setting for the occasion.

New Season of Doctor Who this Saturday and Comics!

Fans of the Doctor and his little blue box which seems bigger on the inside than on the outside will be gathered around their tellys this Saturday for the new season

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