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Mass Effect: Paragon Lost Podcast Review

So we were able to catch the one-date-only screening of Mass Effect: Paragon Lost. But if you missed that date, don’t worry, the Blu-ray/DVD combo will be available on December

Interview with Mass Effect: Paragon Lost composers Joshua R. Mosley & David Kates

The Mass Effect trilogy story continues on in the upcoming anime film, Mass Effect: Paragon Lost, starring Freddie Prinze, Jr. as James Vega. With the release of the Blu-ray/DVD heading soon

SDCC: Mass Effect: Paragon Lost anime trailer

Out of all the interesting characters to choose from in the Mass Effect universe, I’m glad they chose the one with the most interesting story. Tali…wait, this isn’t an anime

Mass Effect anime Paragon Lost to star James Vega

If you love the Mass Effect universe and anime, then you might be interested in checking out the upcoming Mass Effect anime, Paragon Lost. The story revolves around James Vega