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Free Mass Effect Bonus Content Download ahead of Legendary Edition

Soon, Fans will be able to look forward to new graphical updates and gameplay improvements with the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, but before that, BioWare has released content to get

Is giving mass refunds to a recently released video game a good thing?

The gaming community has constantly been changing throughout the decades. Especially with social media being involved more so than before. Some people feel that the average gamer has changed for

Top 4 heartbreaking moments in Mass Effect

To commemorate the 5 year anniversary of the original Mass Effect, BioWare has announced that November 7th will be known as N7 day. BioWare will be celebrating with a day filled

New Mass Effect 3 replica weapons available for pre-order

Triforce is at it again with the Mass Effect 3 replica weapons. This time they’re adding three new weapons into the mix with the Mass Effect 3 M-6 Carnifex Pistol

Commander Shepard gets one last adventure in Mass Effect 3: Citadel, plus new multiplayer DLC

Just when you though Commander Shepard’s journey is over, BioWare will be releasing one last DLC adventure with the commander called Mass Effect 3: Citadel. It will be the last

Gamer_Bob’s Top 5 Games that Need a New Ending

Mass Effect 3’s new ending has gotten Gamer_Bob’s panties in a bunch. So much promise, so much hope: dashed upon a boulevard of broken dreams. And it’s not the first

Mass Effect gets all cute with these plushies

Still depressed after the Mass Effect 3 ending? The good news is that Mass Effect is getting plushified. These should ease the pain from the horrific nightmare of an ending.

Help Aria T’Loak in the new Mass Effect 3: Omega DLC

The thought of going back into the world of Mass Effect again hasn’t crossed my mind ever since the ending scarred me big time. It’s so bad that every time

Mass Effect 3 Leviathan DLC alters ending once more, but it’ll cost you

How many endings are we up to now? This will be the second revision, which brings the total count up to 3 versions. Take your time, Bioware; I’ll just be

Origin of the reapers revealed in Leviathan Mass Effect 3 DLC

When the Reapers were revealed in Mass Effect, I was blown away. The mystery behind this race of sentient AI drove the story straight to the top of the video

New Mass Effect 3 ending has Shepard sticking it to the Reapers

Spoilers ahead. The Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC has been released. The meat of the extended scenes are stills with narration that explains the aftermath. Not only did the

New Mass Effect Hoodies are inbound!

We are nerds. Big, huge, nerds that drool at the sight of anything with a “Limited Edition” sticker on it, if the product is of interest to us. Is it

EA defends same-sex romance in games

So Electronic Arts sucks at basic business ethics. That much we can more or less agree on. As far as basic human rights go, however, they at least seem to

Bioware announces Mass Effect 3 DLC: Extended Cut, and it’s FREE!

So if you haven’t heard yet, because you’ve either been under a space rock, there was a lot of fan backlash about the Mass Effect 3 ending or “supposed ending.”

Mass Effect anime Paragon Lost to star James Vega

If you love the Mass Effect universe and anime, then you might be interested in checking out the upcoming Mass Effect anime, Paragon Lost. The story revolves around James Vega

Why Bioware’s ‘ending’ to Mass Effect 3 was ingenious and how EA’s greed possibly ruined it

Now before anyone questions my Mass Effect loyalty, I’ve played ME1 three times and ME2 five times, so yes, I am a fan. With that out of the way, there

Awesome fan-made Mass Effect 3 Omni Blade

While many fans are currently busy disputing the ending of Mass Effect 3, one fan has actually taken his free time and used it to be actually productive. Behold, as

BioWare to give Mass Effect 3 fans closure with DLC ending?

BioWare co-founder Dr. Ray Muzyka has addressed Mass Effect 3 fans that the team cares a lot about their input. As we all know, the ending to Mass Effect 3

BioWare to talk about the ending of Mass Effect 3 soon

I have yet to play Mass Effect 3, but I talked to fellow NR member Narvin Seegoolam about what he thought about the ending (review coming soon). He loved the

Mad about the ending to Mass Effect 3? BioWare director isn’t sorry

Were you disappointed with the ending of Mass Effect 3? That’s too bad, because BioWare director Casey Hudson wanted it to be unforgettable. “I didn’t want the game to be