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Free Mass Effect Bonus Content Download ahead of Legendary Edition

Soon, Fans will be able to look forward to new graphical updates and gameplay improvements with the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, but before that, BioWare has released content to get

Top 4 heartbreaking moments in Mass Effect

To commemorate the 5 year anniversary of the original Mass Effect, BioWare has announced that November 7th will be known as N7 day. BioWare will be celebrating with a day filled

New Mass Effect Hoodies are inbound!

We are nerds. Big, huge, nerds that drool at the sight of anything with a “Limited Edition” sticker on it, if the product is of interest to us. Is it

Mass Effect digital comic mega bundle on sale now

Perfectly timed with the release of Mass Effect 3, Dark Horse Digital has come up with an on-sale bundle of digital Mass Effect comics. Fans can find out the secret

Spoiler-Free Mini-Review – The Art of the Mass Effect Universe

Being video game players, as we are, it can be easy for us to not realize how much work went into the finely tuned product spinning quickly in our neatly

MMO Madness – James Cameron and Bioware Interested in Making New MMOs?

It seems there isn’t much room in the ultra competitive sector of MMO gaming, but I guess certain people don’t care. Then again, we are talking about James Cameron and

Mass Effect 2 Will Have Final DLC Mission in ‘Arrival’

BioWare has announced today that it will be releasing the final third mission for Mass Effect 2 called Mass Effect: Arrival. In Arrival, Commander Shepard is sent into the farthest