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Anime Los Angeles recap: Masquerade

Masquerades are always my favorite part of conventions. I used to watch videos of skits way back in the day when I didn’t even know I could possibly go to

Ottawa Comiccon 2015: Masquerade Gallery

If there’ s a comic con in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? NERD REACTOR. Lame Ghostbusters joke aside, we had a blast taking in the 2015 Ottawa Comiccon masquerade,

Ottawa Comiccon 2014: Masquerade gallery

One of the most highly anticipated events of any convention is the cosplay masquerade. From entry level all the way to the master and artisan levels, it’s a chance for all geeks

The 2014 Labyrinth of Jareth XVII Masquerade Ball is near!

The annual Labyrinth Masquerade Ball is heading this way again at the historical Park Plaza in Los Angeles. This year, it will be during fourth of July weekend – Friday,

Ottawa Pop Expo 2013 Masquerade Gallery, plus Heroes of Cosplay

Before the Ottawa Pop Expo Masquerade even started, there was a large amount of buzz surrounding it. Shortly before the convention, it was announced that Syfy’s controversial TV show Heroes