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If Star Wars Battlefront had LARPers (video)

Star Wars Battlefront is definitely one of the most anticipated games this year, and somewhere out there, you can bet at least one group will attempt to do a Star Wars

The old Ghostbusters crew vs. new monsters and ghosts

With Channing Tatum and friends reportedly starring in an all-male Ghostbusters team in the upcoming flick, what would happen if the old Ghostbusters gang go out of retirement to handle threats from

Streets of Cage – When Nicolas Cage meets Streets of Rage

Check out the new video from mashed called Streets of Cage. Judging from the name of the video, one can pretty much guess what the parody is about. Nicolas Cage

Solid Snake is on a mission again in this funny animated Metal Gear Solid parody

Check out a new animated parody of Metal Gear Solid as Solid Snake returns to battle once again…at the amusement park. He’ll be facing kids, water guns and hot dogs.

‘Epic Space Opera’ coming to Mashed!

From the people who brought you Tooncracy’s Spoofs and Mr. Weebl, Mashed presents it’s newest animation – Epic Space Opera. This space opera is inspired by 80’s action/adventure cartoons, anime

Toonocracy is at it again with Spoofs 5!

Do you remember the time I posted about Spoofs? The guys at Toonocracy from #Mashed are known for their short 3 second parodies of shows from The Hunger Games, Captain

Mashed: You like Spoofs? Here are some quick and funny ones!

The guys at Toonocracy of Mashed has released their latest of spoofs – Spoofs 3. Their previous spoofs have included The Hunger Games, Captain America, Hulk, The Walking Dead, The

PS4 vs XBox One rap battle by Mashed

So, I received this email from Mashed about a new video by British YouTubers Oliver Age 24 and Boyinaband. These two YouTube rappers are battling it out on the question