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Luke Cage season 2 hints at Mariah’s reign

Season 2 of Marvel’s Luke Cage is only 10 days away and their social media team are dropping more hints about what to expect this coming season. In the trailer, Alfre Woodward

Misty Knight gets her bionic arm in first Luke Cage Season 2 image

Misty Knight is finally one step closer to becoming one of the Daughters of the Dragon. Although she hasn’t quite joined forces with Colleen Wing yet, Misty does have her

Alfre Woodard officially joins Marvel’s Luke Cage

Marvel has officially announced that Alfre Woodard (12 Years a Slave, Annabelle) has joined the Netflix series, Marvel’s Luke Cage, bringing to the show the political aspect to Harlem. She’ll

Marvel’s Luke Cage will be aimed at adult audience

We’re getting a sense that all of the Marvel series on Netflix will be aimed towards a mature audience. That was the case when Netflix revealed the rating for Daredevil.