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New ‘Avengers: Endgame’ trailer shows the Marvel fighting spirit

“I keep telling everybody they should move on. Some do, but not us…” We are within the final weeks before one of the biggest cinematic events of the year: the release

Pepper Potts sex tape story scrapped from Iron Man 3?!

 While Iron Man 3 is doing supremely well in the theaters, news came out today of some of the odd plot points of the movie that were scrapped in the

Peggy Carter returns in Captain America: The Winter Soldier?

The sequel to Captain America: The First Avenger should be pretty interesting seeing as most of the cast from the first film will not be returning. Stanley Tucci, Tommy Lee

Iron Man 3 begins shooting in less than 2 weeks!

While Avengers-mania continues to truck on pass the film’s second weekend, more news continues to break. Yesterday we reported that the film had finally hit the $1 Billion dollar mark

45 Minutes was cut out of The Avengers

Avengers-mania continues to roll on into the film’s second weekend. Reports are coming in that the film is doing as well as analysts predicted and is right on track for

Development on The Avengers 2 begins!

Today Disney CEO, Bob Iger, was on a conference call to discuss the companies 4th quarter earnings. While the current success of The Avengers was not included in the companies

Adoption community says Avengers joke is offensive and calls for boycott

Art by Kibbitzer The Avengers continues to be the hot topic these days. While the film is smashing box-office records and satisfying every fanboy’s superhero wet dream, it’s offending people