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Spider-Man Cameo in The Avengers?!

  What?! I call Bullsh*t! A big rumor has just dropped today. According to Bleeding Cool, Jenny Agutter recently talked to The Radio Times about her work on The Avengers.

The Red Skull Might Be Alive, but He Won’t be in The Avengers

One of the lingering questions I couldn’t stop thinking about after watching Captain America was whether or not the Red Skull had actually died at the end. Being a major

Holy [email protected]#%, X-Men Anime Teaser Hits the Net

Hot damn, Madhouse is on a roll with Iron Man, Wolverine and now X-Men. Today, we finally get a first glimpse at the new X-Men Anime series. It’s been almost

4-1= The Fantastic Three

*WARNING SPOILER ALERT OF FANTASTIC FOUR #587* The long wait is over as the conclusion of the Fantastic Four saga ‘Three’ draws to a close as we discover which one of the

New Editor in Chief at Marvel

A few weeks ago Marvel announced that there will be a new Editor in Chief Axel Alonso. Axel started at Marvel on September 2000 as Senior Editor. He was promoted to

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