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Eternals Will Change the MCU in a Big Way

Eternals director and cast discuss how their film will affect the MCU

Marvel’s new Editor-in-Chief admits to writing under Japanese author ‘Akira Yoshida’

Last month, long-time Marvel editor C.B. Cebulski was announced as the new Editor-in-Chief for Marvel Comics. With the announcement, rumors re-emerged regarding Cebulski writing under the pseudonym of Marvel Comics

Marvel releasing new comic, Starboy, starring The Weeknd?

During this past weekend’s New York Comic Con, Marvel unveiled its new collaboration with R&B singer The Weeknd. The new series would be titled Starboy, which coincidently also happens to be

Carnage to appear in Sony’s Venom film?

Carnage and Venom have always been two of the deadliest, if not scariest, adversaries for Spider-Man over the years. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Carnage will appear in the Venom

Marvel announces ongoing Iceman series

Iceman, a mutant with the ability to manipulate ice, is one of the founding members of the X-Men and has appeared in comic books since 1963. Besides being an X-Man,

Batman v Superman’s split reactions result in fanboy war

Before I begin, let’s all get several things straightened out for everyone to understand: Just because someone didn’t like Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, it doesn’t mean they’re a

New Deadpool promo for upcoming Christmas day trailer!

The Christmas part of Deadpool’s marketing campaign is happening right now with the 12 Days of Deadpool. This time it’s geared towards the NBA as the next trailer for Deadpool will be

Spider-Gwen #1 (comic book review)

For generations, Peter Parker was Spider-Man in the comics, films and TV shows. In this latest comic, Peter Parker is no longer Spider-Man, but he is actually the green Lizard who once

Marvel Comics reboot to turn Wolverine into a female?

It was revealed this week that Marvel Comics is planning on rebooting its comic books and reverting them back to issue number 1. Some of the changes include Thor remaining

Marvel Comics to reboot to No. 1, plus big changes to Hulk and other characters

When Marvel announced that the Secret Wars arc this year was going to change the Marvel comic book universe, fans weren’t sure what Marvel had up its sleeve. Was it

Marvel’s deadliest characters now ranked by body count

If there’s one detail that superhero fans gloss over, it’s the fact that yeah, sometimes those heroes have to kill people. Whether it’s a bad guy or even their own

Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Lost Years

In 2008, Marvel Studios introduced the world to a shared cinematic universe in which many of Marvel’s comic book character would finally share the screen. Kicking off this experiment in

Avengers NOW! trailer is here

Check out the new trailer for Marvel Comics’ Avengers NOW! Think of it like DC’s New 52, but instead of rebooting their characters, Marvel is changing the characters. For example, we

Armor Wars is the next event teased by Marvel Comics

After the announcement that Secret Wars, Civil War, Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies and Planet Hulk would be revisited in 2015, we have another classic Marvel event that’ll be returning

Marvel Comics: The Poster Collection

Marvel has been around for 75 years, and this year it’s their 75th anniversary. What a better way to celebrate than to have a collection of their famous comic book

Deadpool coming to PS3, Xbox 360 and PC June 25th

Deadpool is coming June 25th, and that means you’ll get to enjoy the game right before San Diego Comic Con 2013. Developed by High Moon Studios, the game puts the Merc

Paul Giamatti as Rhino in Amazing Spider-Man 2?

This is quite possibly the weirdest rumor I have heard coming out the Amazing Spider-Man 2 camp. The Hollywood Reporter is saying that actor Paul Giamiatti is currently in negotiations to play Rhino in

Marvel’s Kevin Feige gives his opinion on DC’s Justice League movie plans

There is no doubt that The Avengers: Phase One was a huge success for Marvel Studios and Disney. Naturally, Warner Brothers and DC are anxious to get sum-of-dat cheddar (money,

The Hulk rampages through The Avengers extended Super Bowl teaser

Quite possibly the most highly anticipated spot for this year’s Super Bowl was the new teaser for The Avenger. With just a few short months left until the iconic blockbuster

Joss Whedon shoots down Spider-Man cameo in The Avengers

A few weeks ago, every nerd around the world soiled their undergarments at the news of a possible appearance by everyone’s friendly neighborhood Spider-Man in the The Avengers. With Sony

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