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Marshall releases the new Major III Bluetooth headphone

If you’re a musician, then you know the name Marshall. For years they’ve been making some of the best amps that musicians can buy. But for the last few years,

Review: Marshall Monitor headphones

When an opportunity arose to review Marshall’s Monitor headphones, I jumped at the chance to review it. Marshall is the Mount Rushmore of the music industry. Many know them as

Marshall Monitor headphones available now

Marshall (who is known in the music industry as one of the “gods” of music industry for its amps and other products) is coming out with its very first over-ear

Marshall Major 50 FX 50th Anniversary Headphones

Marshall Headphones has just released the its Marshall Major 50 FX 50th Anniversary headphones. The pair of headphones promises amped up sounds and will feature a classic vintage look. It

Marshall White Headphones Available Now

The Marshall Headphones line has just released its latest color, white, for both the Major and Minor set of headphones. The Marshall White Headphones contains all the features from the