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PDP brings arcade-style light gun gaming to consoles with MARS

Games utilizing light guns are very popular at the arcades in the past and present, but many gamers can remember the time when the NES Zapper made it popular for home consoles

Sci-fi mini-series Mars premieres tonight on National Geographic

Mars makes for a great sci-fi story. The Red Planet has been blessed with movies like The Martian, Total Recall, and John Carter. There are also iconic fictional characters like Martian

First trailer for Sci-fi thriller ‘Life’ is incredible

  The official trailer for Sony’s film Life starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Reynolds, Rebecca Ferguson, Hiroyuki Sanada, Olga Dihovichnaya, and Ariyon Bakare follows a group of astronauts on the International Space Station

Interview: High school students develop source of energy on Mars

If you’re into amazing things, Chase Bishop and his partner James Thompson are high school students who developed a way for dry ice to become a source of energy on

NASA has released new photos of Mars

NASA has released a ton of new photos of Mars. NASA’s space camera, called HiRISE, part of the Reconnaissance Orbiter, has been orbiting Mars for the last 10 years, all

How long will we exist? C2H6O Science!

There are so many questions we ask as humans on a daily basis, that question our entire existence. On top of that, we tend to ask ourselves things like: “Will

Crops have been successfully planted in simulated Martian soil

If you have seen the movie The Martian, then you probably remember the part where the astronaut Mark Watney (played by Matt Damon) needs to plant potatoes using soil from

Could we get to Mars in 3 days?

Spacecraft and technology are getting more advanced by the day, it seems like. But hey, I’m not complaining! One thing we’ve always struggled with is the amount of time it

Next mission to Mars cancelled?

What happens when the lander’s seismometer breaks? You have to wait years to take off into space and make your way to Mars. This coming March, the newest InSight spacecraft was supposed

Could Mars have rings one day?

Here’s something to think about: Mars’ moon Phobos is slowly making its way towards the planet… to the point where at some time, it’ll crash into it entirely. Given the

Do you want to go to Mars?

Oh hey there, just your local astrophysicist in training letting you know that you can go to Mars. Well, sort of. Starting December 14th, NASA will be accepting applications from those

The Martian (movie review)

An inherent quality of human beings is our dissatisfaction with stagnation. We build, we explore, we invent. We really don’t like staying still. Mars is a symbol of this notion

New robot social group wants Mars first

After it was reported that Mars contained water, there had been several groups clamoring about its possible habitability. In the next coming years, our scientists are already strategizing ways to

Mars: NASA finds current signs of liquid water

Image by NASA/JPL/University of Arizona Science! Are we actually one step closer to having a real-life Total Recall? Perhaps Matt Damon being stranded on Mars isn’t a bad thing? We’re not

SpaceX Travel ads are a beautiful thing

I’m pretty sure we as humans will eventually get around to colonizing and living on other planets. That hasn’t stopped SpaceX from releasing these beautiful art deco style travel posters

Space Launch System approved, we’re going to Mars

Hey, want to go to Mars? Well, in a few years you can…kind of. The Space Launch System is the most powerful rocket we’ve built yet. The spacecraft needed approval

Pinball FX2 – Mars Table DLC Review

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of reviewing Pinball FX2 and the Marvel DLC pack. It was by far one of the best Xbox Live Arcade games I’ve