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Mario Warfare finale is out!

The moment of truth is here. Beat Down Boogie‘s Episode 8 of Mario Warfare is now out, and we’ll get to see the epic conclusion including Mario and friends going

Solid Snake guest stars in Mario Warfare Part 7

It’s here! Another episode of the continuing Mario Warfare web series by Beat Down Boogie, and in this episode, there’s a surprise visit from the master of stealth himself, Solid

Mario Warfare Part 5: Peach joins the video game fight club

Beat Down Boogie has just released part 5 of Mario Warfare. In this episode, Peach will have to do some convincing to get the Smash Club group to help her

Mario Warfare Episode 4: Welcome to Smash Club

Previously on Mario Warfare – Princess Peach gets attacked by Donkey Kong, only to be saved by his changing heart. It turns out Kong was saved by Peach’s father, and

Part 3 of Mario Warfare is now online!

It’s been a while, but if you were going crazy for the release of part 3 of Beat Down Boogie‘s Mario Warfare web series, it’s time to check out of

Mario Warfare Part 2: Who knew Mario can be that badass?

If you’re caught up with Mario Warfare, Beat Down Boogie has released Part 2 of the Mario-inspired web series. Even though Part 1 featured Toad pulling off some crazy Gun

It’s an all-out war in Mario Warfare Part 1

After a long hiatus after their Modern War Gear Solid web series, Beat Down Boogie has finally launched Part 1 of their next big web series, Mario Warfare. It’s got

Mario Warfare web series will go on despite drug abuse and eating disorder

Drug abuse, eating issues, and more drug abuse. Who knew that it could affect even actors in a web series? Here’s the video revealing the production setbacks of the hotly

Princess Peach Gets a Poster for Mario Warfare Fan Film

Princess Peach just got a brand-spanking new poster for the upcoming Mario Warfare fan film series by Beat Down Boogie, you know, the guys that did Modern War Gear Solid.