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Chris Evans trades in shield for family drama in Gifted (movie review)

After two high profile Spider-Man movies, director Marc Webb just can’t seem to quit superheroes. (Or at least the actors that play them.) In Webb’s latest film, Gifted, the only

Spider-Man composer says Amazing Spider-Man 2 was ‘dreadful’

James Horner is a legendary composer who has created music for Titanic, Avatar, Braveheart, the Star Trek films, The Rocketeer (my personal favorite), and many more. He also did the score

100 Days of Marc Webb

That’s a WRAP! Filming for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has completed on Day 99, but director Marc Webb still gave everyone a tweet for Day 100. Webb had been posting

Stan Lee’s appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Director Marc Webb just tweeted a photo of the legendary Stan Lee filming his quick cameo in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. So now we know where to look for him

Is Marc Webb building his own Spider-Man universe or something bigger?

Despite what everyone thought of The Amazing Spider-Man, its sequel The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has amassed quite the cast of actors for the film. Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Sally Field, Martin Sheen,

OSCORP prop shown for The Amazing Spiderman sequel

It’s the second day of production! Marc Webb, director of The Amazing Spiderman sequel, has posted a photo of a prop for the film. It is unknown what it is

The Amazing Spider-Man Blu-ray behind-the-scenes press day coverage

The good folks at Sony Pictures Home Entertainment gave us an opportunity to attend a behind-the-scenes press day event for the release of the The Amazing Spider-Man back in November 1st.

Andrew Garfield and director Marc Webb confirmed for Amazing Spider-Man sequel

Sony has just officially confirmed that Andrew Garfield and Marc Webb are going to be back for the sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man. Marc Webb will once again direct and

Expect a New ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Trailer Soon

Marc Webb has mentioned in an interview with Collider that we can expect a new trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man soon. The reboot follows Spider-Man’s origin as punk/skater Peter Parker