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Triforce Johnson enters final week of helping CND stand in line for Switch

Waiting outside in the cold New York City weather for a short period cannot be pleasant. Braving the Manhattan streets for an entire month for a Nintendo video game console

WGN’s Manhattan canceled after two seasons

WGN’s show Manhattan, about the Manhattan Project aka atomic bomb that ended WWII, has been officially canceled. The show was praised by critics but was modest in their ratings. WGN America

Manhattan 2×10 ‘Jupiter’ recap & review

Recap Stan (aka Perseus) and Meeks make their way to the testing site with the intent to detonate the bomb early, killing the staff and scientists. Meeks has second thoughts

Manhattan 2×09 ‘Brooklyn’ recap & review

Recap The target committee is planning on meeting near the testing site. Everyone has been preparing for this big day to plan on where to test the bomb. Charlie gets

Manhattan 2×08 ‘Human Error’ recap/review

Recap Charlie’s dad has been released from prison and comes close to the Hill to find him. Charlie gets the message that his dad is looking for him and sends

Manhattan 2×07 ‘Behold the Lord High Executioner’ recap & review

Recap The start of the episode shows a Native American family – mother and son – entering the Hill for work and school. The mother, who is a cleaning lady

Manhattan 2×06 ’33’ recap & review

Recap During a civilain fishing trip, the body and car of X-4 was found and brought back to the base. The government does not have any scientist on the board

Manhattan 2×05 ‘The World of Tomorrow’ recap & review

Recap: It continues back in Charlie’s apartment when Frank enters and tells Charlie that there is no Magpie. The military is lying to them to try to have them develop

Manhattan 2×04 ‘Overlord’ recap & review –

RECAP The scene begins with Oppenheimer’s mistress Jean is reading the Holy Sonnets by John Donne and telling him not to leave. They have a really kinky relationship where he

Manhattan 2×03 ‘Threshold’ recap/review

Recap The scene begins in a mental institution before Frank and Liza moved to the Hill. Liza was committed for accidentally taking too many pills. Frank visits Liza and promises

Manhattan 2×02 ‘Fatherland’ recap & review

Recap X-4 (before he was killed) has taken Frank to an interrogation room where he interrogates him some more about Dr. Schwimmer (the scientist in Germany who was killed for

Manhattan 2×01 ‘Damnatio Memoriae’ recap & review

Recap The opening begins with a flashforward to 21 days before the bombing of Hiroshima, and Charlie is conducting a test in the rain storm. A reporter is hassling him

‘Manhattan’ second season will continue to blow your mind

WGN America’s successful Emmy-winning show Manhattan is set to premiere its sophomore season tonight. And after viewing the first four episodes into the season, it is sure to blow the audience

Review: Manhattan Stealth Touch Mouse

A few weeks ago we were given a mouse like no other. This mouse is one of the quietest mouse I have ever used. It’s smooth matte-black finish makes it