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Henry Cavill is NOT out as Superman and could this be a power play?

According to a recent report from Variety, Henry Cavill is most likely out as Superman in future films. The article itself uses statements including words like “doubt” and “holding off”

Wonder Woman breaks records, lassoing in over $200 million internationally

Wonder Woman has shattered box office records, both domestically and internationally! Pulling an estimated $100.5 million domestically and $223 million worldwide, Wonder Woman makes history as being the top domestic

Henry Cavill gives 3rd tease of Green Lantern in DC Extended Universe

Over the past 2 weeks, Henry Cavill has been setting off a series of tweets hinting at the coming of Hal Jordan to the big screen. We do know that

Concept art shows how Superman might look in the Justice League movie

The Justice League movie is well into production now and there have been a few hints at what’s to come for the DCEU. Despite the negative backlash and constant criticism of the

Henry Cavill tweets a black colored suit for Justice League?

It looks like the the Justice League movie is well under way. If you haven’t watched Batman v Superman yet, please be aware that something big happens at the end of that movie

The Music of DC Comics: Volume 2 coming July 15

We’ve had some catchy and iconic DC Comics tunes in movies and on TV throughout the decades. If you’re a fan, we have some good news for you. WaterTower Music

If the Man of Steel movie had ‘color’

The Man of Steel movie went on a dark and gritty route, emulating the style of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight films. It worked for Batman, since he’s a dark character,

Henry Cavill reveals Batman v Superman isn’t a ‘Superman sequel’

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice takes place after the events of Man of Steel. Many would think that this is a Superman sequel, however, Henry Cavill, who plays Superman,

Smallville’s Jonathan Kent doesn’t approve of Man of Steel’s Jonathan Kent

We’ve seen many versions of Jonathan Kent, Clark Kent’s adoptive father, in the Superman films and TV shows. Now we have Smallville‘s John Schneider, who played Jonathan Kent, talking about how

Does General Zod become Doomsday in Batman v Superman?

Back in November, Michael Shannon was seen in Chicago hanging with his Man of Steel co-star Henry Cavill. Normally people would chalk this up to old cast mates hanging out

Christopher Nolan says he was misquoted about Marvel films not being real movies

The Guardian quoted The Dark Knight trilogy director Christopher Nolan of saying movies that included “comedy coda ending” aren’t real movies. The quote in particular has him saying that “a

Christopher Nolan says Marvel films aren’t real movies

Update: Nolan has responded to the news and said that he was misquoted. Marvel movie fans know to wait at the very end of the credits for a surprise post-credit

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice addresses Superman’s destruction in Man of Steel

Many who have watched Man of Steel complained about Superman’s reckless behavior when trying to save the world. When fighting against Zod and his gang, Superman would grab, throw, punch them towards

Marvel’s Quesada says Man of Steel’s Zod was the hero

A lot of news came out of Joe Quesada’s guest appearance on Kevin Smith’s Fatman on Batman Podcast. He confirmed that Netflix’s Marvel series will crossover with the Marvel Cinematic

Man of Steel is the 2013 film of choice by cyber criminals

Man of Steel hasn’t been getting a lot of love. It was met with mixed reactions from critics and fans when the movie came out (it still made enough to

Guess who’s the new Lex Luthor? (This one’s out of left field)

[Robert Galvan’s view doesn’t represent Nerd Reactor as a whole.] Warner Brothers officially announced today that the roles for Lex Luthor and Alfred have been cast. Jeremy Irons will be

NR’s Bob: My top 10 nerd movies of 2013

This year, 2013, was a year filled with some pretty good nerdy movies, but it isn’t even close to what 2015 will bring, so I guess, we will just have

Henry Cavill hopeful to see Cyborg in future DC films

Man of Steel has already been released here in the States on Blu-ray, but it has recently hit the UK market. Henry Cavill promotes the release and is asked about

Man of Steel Blu-ray review

If there’s one thing that’s certain, Warner Bros. will always try to make a blockbuster out of Superman. They did really well when Superman (1978) first premiered. Its sequel, Superman

Actor Mark Strong hints at being Lex Luthor in Superman/Batman film

Mark Strong recently hinted in an interview with Digital Spy that he might be playing the almighty Lex Luthor in the newly announced Batman/Superman film. Lex Luthor is Superman’s biggest