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Ben 10 reboot coming in 2017 with a new look

Ben, Gwen and Uncle Max are returning in 2017 with a brand new Ben 10 cartoon. This isn’t exactly a new series but will “introduce a re-imagined Ben, his cousin

Team behind new Mega Man cartoon asks fans to give it a chance

A few days ago, the  first image for the new Mega Man cartoon was revealed, and it’s safe to say that it wasn’t very well received from fans. While this design isn’t

New Mega Man design for the upcoming cartoon is surprisingly odd

Last year there was news that a new Mega Man cartoon was currently in development for a 2017 release, the year of Mega Man’s 30th anniversary. Sure the series may

SDCC: Ben 10: Omniverse

It’s Hero Time! Ben Tennyson has been on the adventures of a lifetime. He has saved the world hundreds of times from aliens, evil genisus, magical forces and the list